Tailor made shirts (men)

Hi everyone,

Any recommandation of tailors for shirts for men in HCMC?
Style: Professional, to work mostly.

I am expecting good quality, especially the fabric and the cut style.
I mean, quality has to be better than in normal stores otherwise it's not worth it.

Not espacially looking for express tailors. I will give more value to quality than time.

Thanks for your help ;)

Unless you specify that you want what are called "whalebone stays" (of course today they are plastic)  Vietnamese tailors may not use them.  As a result the collars may curl with time, particularly if you machine wash.  Until fairly recently, even in urban areas, many Vietnamese wives washed by hand which may be why the stays were not needed.

Try these guy's, I have used them for years  (not Cheap)

Frede001 :

Try these guy's, I have used them for years  (not Cheap)

Don't know how well Cao Minh do shirts, but in the video, the lapels of the man's blazer bow out horribly from his chest even when he stands still by a wall or walking down the stairs.  Not a bragging work of a good tailor.

I've tried 4 or 5 places and not thrilled with any. I currently go to Tricia and Verona across from Sheraton in D1. At least there fabrics are decent cotton. If anyone knows a better place please let me know.

I have had 5 shirts made in the last 3 visits at a place called “Namsilk” in D1. It’s on Durong De Tham st. I have been very happy with their work. Each shirt took app 3-4 days from measuring.

Thanks, they are a little out of the way for me but I appreciate the suggestion. Overall I have had much better tailoring in Shanghai but I will keep trying. I need a good local tailor for suits and shirts for business. Cheers!

Can try these guys, they do weddings:


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