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I'm gonna be coming to Vietnam for a while and want to do some training while I'm there. I'm not a muscle monster, but know the benefit of protein with recovery. As most vietnamese food is short in meat content I think protein powder would be a good substitute once a day, but is it actually available in Vietnam? If I was to order it online to a place say in Hanoi or HCM would it likely be stopped from coming in? Pretty random question I know, but thought it worth asking all the same.

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ON WHEY you can buy it here.


They are authorise by ON to sell their products within Vietnam. it is the same as home, but just a bit expensive but it better than buying from the guys at the gym ( they just love to rip you off)

Thanks mate...i'll definately avoid the gym "offers"...it's the same here in Ireland, the cost of supplements in the gym is much higher than online, so I buy from discount-supplements.co.uk...they are usually really good value and you know it's the real thing...I guess one of my worries out there would be fake products and just exactly what could be in them!

http://bodybuilding(dot)vn sounds like a good solution, but most online companies will not ship to Vietnam and to buy protein here is ridiculously expensive. I brought about 15 lbs. with me in my suitcase when I came in. And you're absolutely right about the meat here. So terrible. Tofu is pretty good though.

Call these guys, look me up; they have the best prices and they'll deliver


You can buy sustanon and deca-durabolin over the counter. It's about 5$ USD per ampule. You can stack these two and the have an anti-estrogen here OTC which are cheap; you can take 1 pill per day; go to 209 Hai ba Trung. Tell them the America. Sent you and Sustanon should only cost you 140,000 per amp and Deca-durabolin should be about 95,000 per 50mg. You can stack these for 4 week cycles and then break for 4 weeks; you'll get ripped in no time.
For cardio, I suggest joining the Shaolin Temple and practice Kung Fu twice a week. Let me know if you want their address and the best cheapest gym with A/C which has a nice rack is by the Colombia hospital. You can find blogs about anabolics if you want to read up on the Sustanon but if you're over 30 and really want to make a quick noticeable difference in your life and feel great and believe steroids are dangerous. Download the documentary that Discovery channel just made about steroid use; all of the negative stuff is all bull to keep the elite from letting the little man get as big. Just like the rich don't want the poor to get smart. It's not
Rocket science and you said you don't want to be a monster but in 3 short months you will have women throwing themselves at you; they cannot stand the smell of a man that exudes pheromones;
Especially in this heat.
I hold a lot of water so I look fat when I am cycling because I don't do enough cardio because I work 3 jobs. But you can check the stats. Men that use testosterone make 20 - 30% more
Money; it's animal instinct to provide for your family and when you become more of an animal you'll think of better ways to make more money. I'm almost a doctor: I finished my second Masters following my 2 B.a. And beside all my injuries I'd give anything to be here in your shape, cycle, train and then get an MMA coach and get in the ring; this place is a blast. Don't
Miss your calling. You look like a boxer to me.
Good luck!

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Also. On the street with the Kung Fu temple; you can buy imported Australian beef at an Australian beef shop. And it rocks. You can get an entire tenderloin for less than 100$; should last you a good month or so. It's the street behind Hai Ba Trung. I'll look up the street if you're truely interested.

There is a GNC in D2, and a couple of stores sell import Aussie beef out there as well. I'm a cattleman in the US and took photos of pricing etc as market research for Grassfed beef, not sure where place is near hai Ba trung.

It seems to be that chain Aussie beef wholesaler-type shop. They excellent prices compared to the restaurants on really quality beef. I am a Black angus guy myself, I used to get it in fresh from the butcher back home and being a Yank it's my ideal meat; especially when run through a cuber. I think that's you're only advantage you're gonna find though in Vietnam is that the restaurants do it right, but that's for people with money. I mean 100$ for a filet minion at a 3 star restaurant at best is a bit much especially when they are steak houses, but I guess that's just the culture here. They probably have a lot of waste and that sorta brings tears. But the name of the street is Tran Quang Khai. Its right down the street from the market, on that street with all of the jewelers. On the corner there is a Lotteria, you just bust a right, if you're coming from Hai Ba Trung and it's a few buildings on the right you can't really miss it. The temple is just a little further, if you see Dominos you went too far.

Hi Shelam8111,

I'm Mick.(from district 7)
Can I also buy the following products there.....
Anavar, Trenbolone, Winstrol and Clenbuterall.
Or do you know another place.....!!!!
What kind of PCT products do they have...
Do they have aromatase inhibitors ... Arimidex or Letrozol

Appreciate your reply.

Make sure you go to 409 Hai ba Trung. I put the wrong address.

This guy supplies all the hotels in VN with Life Fitness, and all the top brands. Biggest guy by far in that whole business:


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If no links allowed, just google it. The, whatever you call it, nutrition supplement side of their business has a diff name and is called allsportvietnam.

Not my biz and I don't take any of that but I know for a fact it's not fake. Check for yourself.

Hi, I know this is a pretty old posting but just in case anyone is still replying.  Is it ok to bring a 10lb/4.5Kg bag of protein in on a flight to HCMC?  I know I want have a problem leaving Australia with it. It will be in my check in luggage.

No I never had issues

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