Custom stickers, stamps, and printing

Hey all, I'm looking for a place where I can give them fully completed designs (in any format they need) for stickers, stamps, and graphic to paper printing. My quantities are small: about a dozen stamps, 300 stickers, and a few hundred pages of printed material. I honestly don't have a great idea of where to begin looking for such a place, let alone one that speaks enough English to ensure there isn't a serious miscommunication.

Any specific businesses that you know of? Perhaps a region that I can scout out?

Thank you!

Hi,  can take care of your needs. They do everything you want , plus speak good english. and good quality and reliable. or PM me if you need further assistance.

Hi DJ- Did you ever end up finding someone to help you with a custom stamp in Ho Chi Minh?
I'm actually looking for the same while I'm there next week.

Hi there,
Do you have a store in Ho Chi Minh? I'll be there next week and I'm looking for a custom stamp.

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