Yes I'll also recieved initial offer letter

Everybody Will get offer letter who got selected?
Mine is not yet?
What should I do?

Final contract?

I think you have received the initial offer letter......u need to sign it and return back along with the other documents they have asked for but transcripts and attested documents couldn’t be sent within the allocated time by them as it’s a time consuming process......after that as my consultant told our file goes to the embassy and for police it’s the stage when you have to just wait and wait..... there is no time limit like when will you receive your final contract which probably you need to sign and resend and finally wait for the arrival of your visa and then the tickets.

Finally got my offer letter

Received my offer letter

Kindly give me information what could be the next process
What are the documents we have to get ready with us.
Each one might be from different consultants
My agent mailed me to get ready with birth certificate all the original s....
Do you have any idea about next process...
In offer letter they mentioned about attested copies... can anyone explain about that?

Get your certificates attested from UAE embassy, Police clearance certificate, birth certificate (birth place should be same as mentioned in the passport), experience letter ready.

Get your certificates attested from UAE embassy, Police clearance certificate, experience letter ready.

Touseef did you send the offer letter and other documents? From where are you?

Did you get your police CLEARANCE certificate

Not yet...waiting for my results

Guys, I attended my interview in Sharjah on the 27th October 2018, bit up till now I have not received any feedback from the MOE/UAE. I sent the email directly trying to know the results but having received any feedback from them. I didn't use any agent, I applied it directly. Do I have any chance of still getting an offer????

Has anyone got the Pre employment result or the final contract letter?

Did you got the feedback.

Did you apply directly to the moe? Or through agent? How long did it take you to get a response?

Anybody got your contract?

No...not yet

Have u got any Pre employment result after receiving the initial offer letter?

No ...not yet

No not yet. I heard that it will take about 2 week.

Thank you

From where have u heard it


Can I ask you the agency?


Any update on MOE process from any member?


I attended the 27th October interview in Sharjah STS, but up to now I never heard from them, not even after the interview panel told me I impressed them so much. I have sent several emails requesting for a response but I have been left rather disappointed. Imagine buying return plane ticket from South Africa to attend an interview and receiving this treatment, very unfair. I didn't use an urgent. I applied it directly. Very hurting.


Any update in UAE process?

No.. few got contract I heard

Yes course


Is there anyone from India who has been shortlisted for an interview for MOE recruitment of English teachers? Its almost six months now that I've been shortlisted but no cue of any interview. Is there anyone in the same boat?

Hi I got  contract offer...
What would be next process..
Do anyone have any information??

Send the signed contract along with documents they asked.

Get your highest qualification certificates attested from UAE embassy as soon as possible,  you need to provide the same at the time of arrival.

Thank you :) I sent signed contract along with some documents
For attestation I sent my original s
What  would be next ?
When vll receive visa?
How long should wait ?
I'm curious and excited...
Any information??

Once you submitted requested documents, they will start applying for visa.

You might get your visa and tickets both just before a week from your departure date.( December last week).

Thank you :)

me too in the same boat.

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