Anyone sending their children to Vinschool?

Hi all, I am moving to HCMC in Sept and we went to see some schools and apartments over the weekend. we are keen to move to Vinhomes Golden River and saw that they are building a Vinschool there. Their website is not great and can't get through via phone. Was wondering if any expat parents are sending their kids here?

Do they teach in English? Are they ant good, what are your experiences of the school? They take in expat children?

Also considering Saigon Star Int School, any reviews on them?

TIA for your help :)

I would stay far away from anything that starts with a 'Vin'.

Feel free to send me a private message if you would like to discuss

As a former teacher, I can assure you that this school is appalling. I would strongly advise against sending any child there.
The senior management have no idea what they are doing.  None whatsoever. They are mostly in their positions because of nepotism, not because of merit. Therefore, these schools are seriously failing. These schools are very poorly run, therefore they're haemorrhaging money - money that could be spent enriching students' learning, or at the very least fixing the constantly broken technology and resources.
They treat the teachers terribly (sadly, Vietnamese teachers seem to have it worse than the foreign teachers). Therefore staff morale is low, and turnover is high, which does not make for a successful school. There are plenty of reviews elsewhere online to support this.
The management does not seem to know anything about education. Therefore there are many issues with the academic side of things, as well as the behaviour. Literacy standards are very low, and there seems to be very little organization, or consistency between the classes. They don’t acknowledge special needs students, of which there is a significant amount, because they want to present themselves as a ‘world-class school’. I’m pretty sure the top schools in the world work tirelessly to support all students, regardless of their ability and talents.
Finally, I found the most worrying thing about this school was the fundamental lack of morals amongst its senior management. They lie constantly, they seem unaffected by the fact that they are failing thousands of students and they don’t care about treating teachers respectfully.

I agree.  Looks great from outside but admin and corp are all about money.  You would get a much better English education for a cheaper price at many schools in Vietnam.  This place is a nightmare run by people who have no true educational background.  They tell many lies and threaten teachers using their contract.  Their contract has many clauses that violate the labor laws.  If you threaten to go to the labor department they will back down from their threats.  Be very careful, they are good at making you feel as though they are looking out for your best interests but will do the opposite.

I am currently seeking an English teaching position in Ho Chi Minh, so many thanks for the warning against Vinschool. Are there any other international schools I should be wary of?
Thanks so much.

Scary! Thanks for the warning!

QuidProQuo :

I would stay far away from anything that starts with a 'Vin'.

I love VINmart!


QuidProQuo :

I would stay far away from anything that starts with a 'Vin'.

Yeah, what out for Vinegar!

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