marrying a Sri lankan guy!!

hi. i am a filipina , i would like to ask what is the exact requirements to get marry to srilanka? my boyfriend is srilanka..

thank you!

You can get marry to a sri lankan here in Sri Lanka. There is no such restrictions here in sri lanka. Even i was married to a foriegn lady here. Come to sri lanka and get marry. Then translate your marriage certificate in to english and get it endorsed from your embassy. Simple as that.

hi sir superman :) thank your infomation.. may i know what are the requirements of getting marry in sri lanka? thank you so much

U must have two witness to signature.

only that sir?  i dont need my singleness documents?

If you have that kind of certificate and if you can take it. Yes you can take along with you. No harm in bringing additional information.

Good luck.

hello Superman there no issue about age in getting married to a sri lankan man specially if his a buddhist?

No issues. No barriers... You can get marry to any one

Can u give me advice.the mother of my fiance know that i am 7 yrs. Older than him and she had change of mind..she said how she will introduce me to their relatives if im old in age and maybe i look old and u have any advice on how to ler think outside of the boz??

well.. in general sri lankans are laid back and bit conservative. In your case your fiancee can convince her mum that its not what others think is important. Its about him and the person who loves. people bother what others will think in sri lanka though new generation changing the tables. How ever your fiancee can convince her mum. Age, looks and difference all come to standstill. love is blind. Nywys i wish you good luck.


hi i want to marry a srilankan girl .,pla guide me on this .,kindly send you rcontact number

Assallamu allaikom,hai all of u thier, im also a filipina but muslim filipina i have a sri lankan boyfriend in my case his family accept our relationship but my family dont like that man and they really dont allow us to get married even though me and my boyfriend wanted to get married,

Aljohana, If he is not from Muslims, then it is much easy as our main culture is not Muslims. We are  More opened to any culture, you can adopt to here culture in non Muslims way which is the easiest way..If you are married to Local Muslim guy then you need to marry under Muslim act and need to follow general law as well..For a Non Muslim it can get marry under General law, For a local Muslim general law + Muslim law (2 Laws)... I advice you to get marry under normal law as it is not that difficult even you are non Sri Lankan...There are many western men & women get marry here to women and men, it gets very comman now a days.. And ofcourse living in Sri Lanka is much better than Philiphines..

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