Hello for everyone

Hello for everyone.It is my pleasure to join to this community of expats.I hope I will be in Riyadh soon.Anyone could tell me about the life there.How the life costs there.Thank you😊😊😊

Hey Endrieta- You are most welcome

Thank you😊

Hi good morning and welcome to Saudi. It's a great place just have a open mind to accept new ways of the country, a few ristrictions but it's a safe place so no worries.

Nice to friends from there.I'm a very open minded women ,so it seems the life there will be more acceptable that way😊



To answer your question about cost of living.
The costs here are not dissimilar to the cost of things in Europe. Some items are more expensive but others are less so. For women the main issue was getting about because they were not permitted to drive however, that inconvenience will disappear this Sunday 24th when women will be able to drive.
Depending on where you are working will depend on your accommodation. This will be women only and probably shared, your own bedroom but shared facilities kitchen and livingroom etc.
Eating out you will be able to go to the “family” section of restaurants as apposed to the “singles” section for men only!

The one thing you will have to get used to are the prayer times the times that will cause you the most difficulty are the four during the day and early evening. Midday, Mid-afternoon, sunset and full darkness typically 1-1.5 hours after sunset. If you are in a store you maybe asked to leave for 30 minutes during prayers. If you are in a restaurant you are ok but you cannot get in during that time. Supermarkets you will be able to continue to shop but may not get in and certainly will not be served until after prayers which is generally around 30 minutes.

Things here are changing it is a very interesting period to witness the change.



Dear Martin.I would like to thank you for this useful informations.Every thought and help for me is welcome now.

Have a nice day😊
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No problem

Hopefully you make it to the magic kingdom

welcome life here good only too hot


welcome to Saudi Arabia. I will try to briefly list the pros and cons hereunder:


1- Generally speaking, it is safer than many other countries in the world. So, let's start with safety, which is an important factor.

2- Shopping is great here. The malls are full of awesome clothes for affordable prices, and then BAM you get sudden sales, and they can be HUGE. So yeah, if you are into clothing, then you'll probably feel happy here.

3- Provided that women are about to start driving, car prices are just great here; new and used.

4- Food is delicious, diverse and cheap, but you gotta watch out, or you might gain some serious weight! Taste it all, enjoy, but stick eventually to healthy food.


1- You better live in a secured compound, or you may face unneeded hassle. Compound rentals are considerably higher than normal rentals, but still affordable.

2- You cannot go out with a male friend of yours, or you may face charges and deportation. Segregation is still strictly applied in public places, despite a massive progress towards modernisation. The only relations allowed between a 'male' and 'female' are direct family members or married couples.

3- The weather can get very hot. Well, extremely hot I mean, but again everyone is either at home, at work, in a car, or in a mall, and all the aforementioned places are air-conditioned, so it's okay really.

4- Having a pet is a serious challenge here, for many reasons. Okay, let me be more specific; cats are fine. The challenge goes with dogs.

5- Drinking alcoholic beverages is a serious crime here.

Best luck.

Thank you so much for this very useful informations.I think it will be not hard at all for me living there.The most important thing to feel  and be safe there for the other things with time I will find out .It will be a a great experience for me anyway.😊


hello ...

  you are welcome ....

I'm Saudi from Riyadh and I lived in Europe and USA before so I know some differences between Saudi Arabia and other countries. And sorry for the bad English, Altough that I lived in an English country before 😂
Saudi Arabia is very safe country in all cites and areas, can you tell me if you know which are you will live in Riyadh?  some areas are new and some of them are old and has a traffic jam almost all the time. North Riyadh has more expensive house rents than other areas,The south and the middle of the city is cheaper than other areas. if you  are not sure I can help you. Or if you have any question don't hasetite to reply here or send a massage.


Life here can be pretty cheap in all aspects. You can enjoy yourself here making friends and getting together in like minded groups. Search for good accommodation. You don't need to stay in compounds where you'll likely pay twice as much but rather find a good quiet location not far from the centre.
Let me know when you arrive and I'll help sort you out as much as I can.

Thank you so.much.I will text you in the time

All the best.


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