Is CNY 64,000 per month (before taxes) a good salary in Guangzhou ?

Hello everyone !

This is my first post here. I've never lived in China, and tbh, I have not much clue about life in china. I have been offered a role with a pay of approx 120K USD per year in Guangzhou. And am trying to figure out the monetary equivalent of a uk life that I have been used to since the last 12 years.

I have been told that accommodation & transportation cost will be taken care of by the employer.  Am not a fancy spender, I like to cook my own meals n stuff ... I love my Scotch though :)

Can any of you living in China give me an idea about how much can be SAVED per month on this salary please ? Many thanks !

You can live like a king on 25,000 RMB/month.  A 65,000 RMB/month, You will be just fine.

For that salary I think I would want to know a lot about the job, company and visa situation. Cynical? Who me?  ;)

I guess you made a mistake.
You wouldnt be asking this question based on 120k usd/year but you could ask it based on 120k rmb/ year

@vanrox thank you.
@hotpot I did verify with them about usd, they confirmed.
@zanghfu Am a senior game developer.  The company said it will sponsor visa.

Then I guess you can make some easy calculation: average salary in Guangzhou is rmb 7k per month, you are around 10 times higher.

You won't offer a boat but it's a good start

Apart from accommodation and transport, does the package include medical insurance coverage?
Also, what is the rotation-is it once a year back to your base airport, or monthly, etc, as you may find as the year goes on you may want to visit some other place both in China or other countries (SE. Asia, India, Japan, Australia etc.), so you need agreed leave periods and flight cost provided.

I would struggle really, a housemaid in French underwear, a masseur, a cook preparing your lobster daily, limo and driver, penthouse with pool and a bodyguard is about all you will get for 64,000 per month.

I don't know how you will survive to be honest.

That salary is enough for your good life, although today some of the local make a lot fortune. But after deduction of the tax, I think you can only get RMB 48,855.

try Cost of living Comparison

Flight tickets may not be included...You should check it and confirm with the employer. Suppose it is the pre-tax salary. The fringe benefits only include accommodation and transportation fees.

Btw, I am looking for a teacher online or offline who can teach me Python in English...If you have sources of that, please contact me. Thanks in advance!

I had breakfast today. It consisted of some dumplings, shao long bao, yao tiao, and doujung. The cost for me and my wife was 10 yuan.

Later on, I went to Starbucks and got a coffee, one for me and a frappe for my wife. It cost us 75 yuan.

If you go local, your costs will be pretty small. If you try to live as an expat, your costs will be high. It's all up to you.

It’s a salary for qualified expatriates and this is even lower than some Head of Schools I know. If it’s the teaching of ESL at some non registered agencies, then 7k month is even too much. Living in Guangzhou with a salary of 3000Usd per month will be a struggle. Over 5k USd will be better

Please share your details why someone with 3000 us$/month should struggle to live in GZ? If you spend your money wisely you can save a lot with that salary. Forget about visit clubs etc... several times a week.


I have to agree. If need be, we could get along fine on something as low as 6,000 RMB/month. We'd have to down size of course, and cook all our food, but it is possible. I have employees that get by just fine on 4000 RMB/month.

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