Advice for hiring in Bangladesh

I am in the process of having to set up a support team for my business in South East Asia, and Bangladesh will be one of our first-launching markets. While I will visit shortly, I want to get a head start on understanding the business and hiring environment, especially in Dhaka.

Does anyone have any advice to share in terms of:
- What to expect when interviewing candidates in Bangladesh? (Do's and don'ts?)
- What is the language proficiency of professionals in the area?
- From my research it looks like there's a big customer service (call centre outsourcing) industry in Dhaka, but has anyone had any experience dealing with local business support teams? (I'm assuming it's more common to ask for service face-to-face or over a phone call?)

Any advice would be appreciated!

- You can check his/her computer skills.
- English fluency.
- Time Management.
I hope these things you can keep in mind when hiring someone. I\m also very much interested to join your company. Please send further details if possible. I'd like to say one more special thing that
I'm a local resident of Puran Dhaka. Puran Dhaka is the most important and historical part of the country, about 400 years old with old cultures and traditions along with traditional foods, heritage structures and more. ***
Thanks and Welcome to Bangladesh.

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Please ask bulet point answer . Yes no type as they like to tell story . But th y are friendly

You question can be as below:

1. Ask past job experience and why s/he want to switch his/her job
2. Give them 5/10 minutes time and specify one topic to write on about the topic.
3. If you are looking for sales person; then give them one product ( i.e. paper weight, pen or stapler ) to convince you to buy this product.

Hope this way you can get good employee.

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