Friend from Azerbaijan

Dear Friends . My name is Murad .I am from Azerbaijan and currently living in Baku.If u have any questions about Azerbaijan .I will do my best to help you .If you do not know anybody want to make friendship not worry contact with me . we can make some activities together .
Have a good day...

Dear Murad,

    I will arrive to Baku in mid-September for about 1.5 years and would be eager to meet you and learn more about Azerbaijan, its nature and its people.
    Azerbaijan is not new to me,  I have been there several times, but I always am willing to meet new people.

With best regards,

Hi . JacekGaj

not problem .if you need any help type me. ;)

Hi, Murad Ali

I wish i could come Azerbaijan in August with student visa. My planning to do business after complete my course. Is it possible and how i could transfer my student visa to Business visa ?

Please give me few info. Its will be helpful.


Hi . when you have student visa you can work as employee but not open businesss.for making business you have to get business visa .

Ok. But after study complete can i apply for business visa or during study can i apply for business visa ?


after study you can apply.

Dear all,

    As mentioned earlier on this forum, I plan to come to Baku in September 2018 for about 1.5 years. I wonder if this makes sence to bring my own car, which may be useful to see more of the country.

     What are the rules of temporary import to Azerbaijan of your own car for personal use? I have no intention to leav or sell it in Azerbaijan and I will take it back home when my contract will end.

     I have read in some blogs that foreigners should pay some deposit (how big?) when they enter Azerbaijan with their own car and then park it on a special customs parking whenever they leave the territory of Azerbaijan (I will be flying quite often between Baku and Europe).

      So, may be, it is better to buy in Baku another  car with AZ registration and simply sell it when I will be leaving? Or don't even buy it, but simply rent it, as this will be mostly used for weekends and holidays...(some people say that driving in Baku is quite difficult and irritating for foreigners...My plan is to rent a flat in walking distance to my office).

With best regards,
Dr Jacek Gajewski

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