Looking for a trusted shipping company

Looking for a shipping company. We were moving to Philippines in the of July. Anyone can help me to find a better company for moving? Coz we need 20 footer container. And we are searching the company now.. thanks

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I invite you to have a look at our business directory, you will find some recommended businesses : Moving companies in California

Also note that you can contact our partner for a free quote.

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You can try Manila Forwarders. Sorry I don't have their numbers. My husband and I thpufht about a 20 footer but it was too expensive, around $5,000 ++ if my memory serves me right. We just decided to go for Atlast shipping for 24x18 balikbayan boxes. We are moving to the Philippines this August and we got rid of most our stuff and just buy in the Philippines. It is more practical.

All are trusted.

Thanks for the advice buddy its really helpful for those who want to travel and need shipping company.  :)

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