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Now before I begin I want to say this that I am already in process through a lawyer but I an writing here to find some more advice or if some one has gone through similar situation. My wife is working in NZ as a RN and we applied for a partnership based visa for I and my daughter. The application was lodged on March 5 th 2018. The reason I had used a lawyer as I lived in US for 5 years and during my stay I had an offence for which I was never given probation and community service but I never got prison or jail time. This happened in year 2005 and in 2007 I got papers from US court saying that the case was closed. I mentioned this in my application and we had asked for waiver. There was one thing I missed mentioning in the application that I had overstay of 1 year after my visa expired. So the officer found out about my overstay and send an e-mail saying that I have misrepresented and lied to immigration,which will have a negative impact on the decision. So far we haven’t made a decision and to be fair with you we would like to give you the opportunity to explain your situation and why you should be issued a waiver.  So this is the story so far. I apologise or being so long. My lawyer is asking for a pardon and requesting a waiver within his expertise. I want to know if any one had gone through a similar situation and was granted a waiver and the most important how long did the proces take. Any advice or suggestion in this regard will be of a great solace to me at this time. Thank you for patience for reading this message

Heck, I wouldn't expect too much sympathy. You have a criminal conviction in a host country, you purposely flouted the law by overstaying more than 30 days and you lied by ommitting you overstayed. Hopefully your lawyer is good.

To be brutally honest, by not being upfront in providing all the information you are likely to be refused. Immigration here are very strict and getting stricter  as more people look to immigrate here.
I too hope you have a good lawyer.

Thank you guys for your honesty .. I am not having my hopes up but I have accepted my mistake and requested for a waiver. Hoping they gave me a chance for my foolish act. Out of fairness the CO has given me a chance to prove my case. Fingers crossed. Yes I too hope my lawyer is good. If any one reading this please take heed from my mistakes.  Have a great day !!

I would add a few things. While wishing you best of luck, if you're somehow granted with an entry, kindly do not commit any offences/mistakes or illegal acts that may throw a bad light to the people of your country who're peaceful residents out here.  Being residents, we never want our fellow countrymen to be involved in any sort of minor or major offences.

Thanks for the wishes Schaz !! I am already so remorseful that I am putting my wife and kid through this agony, I wouldn’t even imagine to indulge any illegal activity hereafter and hence I wanted to come clean with the CO. I don’t want any more trouble. Thanks for all the support you guys shown to me. Means a lot .. 🙏🏻🙏🏻


It's seems like you have a good lawyer is it possible to share his info

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