US Visa with UK Criminal Record

Hi All,

I am from the UK, but now live in Canada and have obtained my PR card here in Canada.(same as US Green Card).

I have been given an opportunity to transfer to the US via my work on a l-1a-intracompany-transferee-executive-or-manager visa.

Back in 1993 I was convicted of causing two deaths by dangerous driving. At the time in the UK the 'dangerous driving' term was used because too many people were in my car, as my two friends offered their friends a ride, I did not ask them to leave the car, the car crashed killing my two best friends. I remember none of it, only after it happened.

My sentence was 150 Hrs of community service and a 30 month driving ban to retake my driving test. I was 19 at the time.

Wow this is so hard...

So I am asking you guys what are my chances of getting into the US to work and to obtain a green-card? As I said earlier I have obtained my PR (Permanent Residency) card in Canada which took 3 years, my wife and I filled the paper-work all on our own.

Thank you for reading and in advance for any help offered.

I understand US immigration is extremely keen on this issue so your only real course of action is to contact the nearest US embassy and enquire.
One thing, be honest about every detail as the UK shares information with the US so they already know everything anyway.

You can go through the process with a waiver which includes court documents and UK police report.  Details are on Discuss it with the attorney filing L1A as soon as possible if you have not done so yet.

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