Skol Oil And Gas Brazil Ltd.

Has anyone done business with Skol O&G Brazil? Just asking cause I have an offer letter and I'm doing some research here.




One site was set up this month, and it copies the other site except for details.

Skol Oil And Gas Brazil Ltd.

I assumed so much Fred!  This was a skeptical deal from the start with little communication witch was a red flag. I was sent an offer letter in email from
Mr. Alexander Paulo
Head Human Resources Department
Skol Oil and Gas Brazil Limited
defining a decent job offer and when following up they asked for 1000.00 USD and my passport info to obtain the permits and Brazil certificate of good conduct. After some research they seemed unknown and unwilling to elaborate so I had my doubts. I'd let the community know this seems to be a scam!!

when following up they asked for 1000.00 USD

Not real need to ask the question when the scam is that obvious.

No question!

Never, ever ever send money to companies that claim that they have the perfect job offer and you will need to pay for your permanen docs. They will take your money and you will never get it back.  Never disclose any personal information either.

Uncovering the scam took me about two minutes because it was so easy to spot, then another minute or so to find the site they'd copied from.
To be honest, anyone being offered such a job should have looked that up, but, if I'd received the scam email, I wouldn't have bothered with that as the scammers were asking for money - It makes it a bit obvious.

"Skol" is a well-known beer brand in Brazil, didn't know they were expanding into the oil and gas sector lol

Legitimate Oil prospecting companies that are licensed in Brazil  are supposed to be bidders on oil prospecting leases.   

In other words, they bid on prospecting leases that were put up for auction, won them, paid for them.   Unless they were at the auctions, and won bidding rights, they are not legit.   So my search would start with publicly published editals.  If they are not posted, then

Also, notice the contact phone numbers start with a 9 , that's a cell phone line.

Third, you will need to scan every corporate address at the place of business listed in the Web Page. R. Funchal, 418

I've gotten scams from "Foreign Companies" asking for business aplenty.  One in particular was a Mining and Energy company from Kazakhstan.   Clean legit look like web page.   The CFO had a American like name, but his writing skills dogged him. 

Suffice to say I smelled a rat and told them to shove.  No regrets whatsoever.

Also check the Bios....
No full surnames, names don't match the faces ( yeah, ethnical profiling, but it works ),  some degrees without the Alma Mater, faces on photos look doctored. 

And for some strange reason, these faces on the resume have worked all over the globe. 

You start digging into the resumes, you will start seeing holes. 

I get one of those, I reply with  my flipping monkey. It gives me great pleasure. 

And the kicker comes when they ask you for money to process something.   Legit companies don't do this.  Head Hunters get paid by the employer to locate the ideal professional, specially when it comes to executive search. 

Some Brazilian Recruitment Sites do ask money from Candidates, like Catho, which I find appaling.     They sent me solicitations e-mails in the past. 

For me, if I have to work for somebody else, then they might as well cough up the money.

If the Name SKOL did not show it was a scam, the payment did lol

As posted and me being employed by an O&G company with and office in Brazil, I have not heard of this company.
That said Petrobras is overseeing any permits in Brazil (as of 2010 Petrobras was not the sole owner of O&G. Unless they have an official contract to do so, I would not think this is legit.
I only know as to offshore. There were land based companies, but many got caught up in the past issues with O&G and native issues on lands.

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