foreign friends in Bangalore (Japan, phillipines, malaysia, others)

Hey everyone,
I meant to write foreign friends in Bangalore (Japan, phillipines, malaysia, singapore, hong-kong, china and more) but the Subject text box does not allow more than 70 characters. Haha!!
Any how, something about me:
I moved to Bangalore more than a year ago and was busy most of the time so didn't get to connect or make friends much. I am interested in meeting people coming from different countries and cultures.
There are a number of beautiful places in Bangalore to explore as well. In case you are interested ping me directly.

Hi, Ichikuro,

I've Saugat from Nepal. I have been in Bangalore for the past 5+ years, but work has kept me busy so I'm not able to socialize as much asI prefer too. Well, I would love to make new friends from different cultures. I love cooking, hanging out having coffee, drinking beer, and trying out new and different foods. Peace.

Hi, you can reach  me on s*** we can e chat for sometime to know each other before meeting in person

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