Cost of settling in to Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong China

Hey everyone! My name is Lexi. I am 21 years old, married, and moving to China alone, for a total of one year.  I am moving to Shunde on May 9th for a paid teaching job; however, I have to come up with initial settling cost.

How much would you all estimate it will cost me to find and rent an apartment, as well as to cover the initial expenses of moving into a new apartment? Additionally, what is the average cost of living there? What's it like? Sorry for all the questions. I want to be prepared! Please feel free to tell me anything and everything you can! I want to make sure I have enough money to settle in.

Thanks! I hope to get a response, maybe even gain some friends :)

You are married but going to China to live alone for a year. You are only 21. And you are going to Shunde to teach.

It would be helpful to know where you are a citizen of, why you are making the change, and why you are moving alone.

Knowing what I know... I give you three months tops. Then you will high-tail it back home. Moving to a new country will take all your energy and tax your emotionally, to do so alone is hard enough. But, you will be able to build relationships when you arrive here. That will not be the case if you are married.

If you are married, and decide to spend a year in China alone, I would advise you against it. You will turn into a different person from your spouse, and they won't understand. It could have bad consequences for you and your future family.

I'm not sure where your ideas of marriage come from, but my husband and I have spent the majority of our relationship apart. We got married young, and we knew we'd go in different directions to follow our dreams for a little while after college. He's going to grad school, and I want to teach abroad. Neither one of us should have to sacrifice what we want to do in life, and both of us knows that our marriage isn't so fragile as to fall apart because of some separation. On top of that, we want no "future family." We want to go and do the same things we wanted to do as individuals. I didn't marry a narrow-minded person, and change isn't negative because both of us is going to change.

I've done extensive research and spent countless hours surfing blogs and forums/speaking to other expats and I know what I'm in for, and believe me, I've been through MUCH more difficult things and am capable of handling this one. I have a support network already in place, and my place of employment offers tons of social outings and opportunities to connect with coworkers. Whether or not I return home after three months (I won't) has no bearing on my question.

I didn't think all of that was necessary information, since I asked about the cost of settling in, not who thought I would "high-tail it" because I'm married. Marriage isn't a tight leash that leaves no room to grow individually. Sorry if yours is. I'm sure you're a nice guy and appreciate your concern, but I'd appreciate it more if you had some advice regarding the question in my post. If not, have a nice day.

I admire your outgoing and adventurous spirit, Lexi.  I only wish I were as young as 21.
I can also tell VANNROX's super nice and wise guy by reading some of his comments.  Wish you all the best in China.

Hey Lexi!

I have just moved to Shunde, Foshan myself, have you got wechat?

I am yet toake friends, but I'm 25 and from England and teaching English till the end of December. Lemme know when you get here and we can meet up if ya like! Hopefully I will have met some other new friends by that point too 😁😁

Oh, also it's mega cheap,

I have budgeted myself £500 for the first month for living. Rent seems to be quite cheap too but I got my accommodation free.

OMGawd!! I am SO glad you said something ! That  was one of the ABSOLUTE rudest things I've read in a while. And, the 2nd rudest thing Is read is something else he posted. Wow! I can't believe how disrespectful he is... on a regular. But you handled him! Yikes  You WILL be just fine abroad.  I know you have what it takes. And, if you DID decide to go home, that's your business!!! 2000 US should suffice.  I  will pray for your safe passage and prosperity while in China. I like you already!! BEST wishes young lady.

Not sure on the housing.  But Taxis are cheap, maybe $2 or so.  PizzaHut is about 100 - 120 RMB for a large stuffed crust.  Most your groceries and things are about the same price as the US.  Street food or rice is really cheap. 
Buy a countertop oven, for around $60.  Then you can order cheese and chicken cordon bleu from TaoBao.  TaoBao also can supply you with many of the foods you may be missing from home, or cheaper than your local grocery stores. 
Good Luck!

I've been in Canada for 20 years and just moved back to my hometown in Da Liang for work. Rent here is relatively cheap since we're considered a suburb of Foshan and not downtown, but you may have to be a bit more specific in your location in Shunde because the price can change in different neighborhoods in each town, and Shunde has multiple towns too.

You also wanna consider what you're looking for. The rent culture isn't very prominent in China. It's pretty difficult to rent an entire condo unit for yourself because there arent a lot available, and the apartments are pretty dilapidated. There are rooms for rent where someone owns like a 4 story building, but they're hard to find because there are no classified ads in China.

Feel free to ask if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to help

As for cost of living, English teaching jobs for foreigners are usually paid a lot more than locals. As such, the cost of living will be very low for you compared to your salary. I would say bring about 2000-3000 yuan in addition to your rent money.

Your best bet is to ask your contact at the school you're working in and see if they know any rentals near the school.

Hi Lexi , try to get WeChat and then WeChat pay when you open a bank account.
We had to Pay a  couple of months rent as deposit and had to pay one month rent immediately. During my accommodation hunting I have seen apartments from 2000 to 12000 RMB and more . We are family of 4 so we were looking for more bedrooms .
Aeon and Walmart are good supermarkets to buy all local and some imported goods . Metro in Panyu is good too . in some schools meals are provided so you may spend less on groceries.
I take buses to a lot of places as I am familiar here . If you need any specific information message me .

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