Time Saudi employment attaché take to sign the moh offer letter

Hi ,
I am specialist dentist from India. Attended Saudi moh interview in Delhi through an embassy approved agent in first week of  January 2018. I was given the offer letter on the same day . I signed the offer letter and gave it back to them.
My agent he sent my file to the moh and said that the offer letter will be confirmed only once the saudi employment attaché sign my offer letter. It's been 2 months now and my agent still waiting for the employment attaché sign.

My doubt is
1. Is the offer letter ,given ,on the day of the interview, without  employment attaché sign , just a provisional offer letter ?
2. Does employment attaché take this long time to sign the offer letter ? If yes , is this delay very common ?
3. Does this provisional offer letter get cancelled ? I heard , that, sometimes , vacancies will be only , say , 4 and they give offer letters to 6 doctors and finally only 4 doctors get selected in the end and signed by employment attaché  .

Thanks in advance

Not too sure about your field but the offer letter should be attested by Chamber of Commerce and MOFA - Ministry of Foreign Affairs. That's the general rule followed.
In Medicine, probably they require the MOH to attest your offer letter too? Could be an additional requirement.
I am also waiting for the attestation before I can take my offer letter and degrees to the Saudi Culture Office for further verification and attestation.
This will take time, as you said sometimes, in most of the cases resolution time can go up to four months which is frustrating indeed for the employee, who is anxiously waiting to join as per the DOJ date of joining expected/assigned.

Thank you so much  for replying. Yes, my field is different. Its medical field and offer is ministry offer. So the procedure will be different I guess. I heard it can take upto 6 months , for the employment attache to sign the offer letter. Wish some one who faced the same issue and with ministry offer could reply, as procedure will be almost the same

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