1st time to Seoul Korea

Hi, Im planning my trip to my first solo short trip at Seoul Korea. Any recommendation if I would like to go the places full with local markets/foods/peoples?

I found Myeong-dong, but notice it is more to tourist.

Thank you.

Go BUsan

Will you only be staying within Seoul? If you want to experience real, authentic Korea I would suggest Insadong - it feels a lot more traditional and a little less touristy. There are a lot of traditional crafts and some really delicious restaurants that serve really authentic, home-cooked style food. I also suggest visiting some of the tea houses in that neighborhood.

If you'd like to go to a real market out door area, I suggest Namdaemun Market! You can grab some really delicious street food there and even some cheap gifts/souvenirs.

I agree with Saeyou, Insadong is a great place to go. It's actually kinda touristy but also more traditional too. There's almost no English on the signs (even Starbucks is written in Korean) and it's a great place to get souvenirs. Dongdaemun and Namdaemun are also good places for markets.

Besides those there are a ton of smaller market streets around the city! It depends on what area you'll be in! I also like shopping at the Gangnam underground subway. It's not food, but they have tons of accessories.

There tourist information booths everywhere in seoul. Go in and you will get plenty of reliable info in English and Korean and it's free

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