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Hi Friends!

I'm Frank Loubadi, i dwell in Congo Brazzaville, one of central africa region countries
While going thru the web i discovered that Palau Islands would be a tremendous place of living and working as these last times i did feel like to have another work experience outside of my country
So my query is to actually know whether Palau companies also sponsor work visa or else what do i have to do if want to apply for a work visa individually?

i'm a Ship Boarding Agent with 8 years experience but i can adapt myself into other job sectors like Marine coordinator or logistics or French-English speaking Customer Service
I also tried to get Palau company directories via the web in order to apply for existing vacancies but obtained very limted results.

I thank you in advance should you need help me in this topic

Frank Loubadi

Welcome to the forum Frank.

I suggest you research shipping companies in Palau and approach them regarding work.
A Google search should find the information regarding visas.

Thanks Stumpy for the paths you've shown me!
I just started exploring them


I was wondering about two questions:

1. How one can get a work visa to Palau. What documentation I require so that I can work over there.  What are the tax implications imposed on foreigners with work visas to Palau?

2. My company may need to send me to Palau for 6 weeks work spread over 12 weeks so I believe I would require a business visa. I know that one can go to Palau as a tourist with visa issued upon arrival and valid for 30 days with the possibility of extending.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

If your company are sending you then it is their responsibility  to organize and pay for the required visas.
You cannot work on a tourist visa.

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