Bringing the own car from the UK to use in Sri Lanka

Hi all,
Has anyone experienced one bringing their own car to SrI Lanka to use during their stay? I would like to explore this option. Please enlighten me. Many thanks.

I tried back in 2009 but gave up as I had to bring it back before a 12 month periode to avoid paying a truck load of taxes.

:: Stein

Thank you for your message. I am dropping that idea now !
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Hi Ritch888,

Did you manage to transport your vehicle to SL without paying so much tax?

Would you be able to help as I am looking to transport a car to SL.

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No I dropped that idea as it was a complicated matter but, not tried since the new leadership. Not sure whether the rules have changed or not. P.S. I have moved away from the UK and won’t be looking into this anymore.

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