So, I’m new to these threads and in perusing this far I’ve noticed that many topics are covered but have not seen any posts on dating. Perhaps I missed those but in case I didn’t, I’m curious. Is everyone already married or something or not willing to ask/disclose info? What’s up?

What is the consensus (if there is one) on expats dating Dominicans/locals or other expats? Anyone notice any trends, no-no’s or other interesting phenomena? What has anyone noticed abt French vs Venezuelans, Canadians vs Italians, Americans vs Turkish? So many people from so many places, I find it fascinating to know how people interact, not just from a dating standpoint but overall. Any insight or feedback would be fun to read and enlightening. Thanks!

I have said this before seeral times.  "Dating" a Dominicana is like raising a dog or a child.  The first word to learn is NO. If not you are doomed to be inundated with requests for money, gifts, salon & family as if you were a veritable font of money.  Tis sad, but true,get used to it. If you falter, you will lose their respect & without respect you are less than spit on the street.  Harsh? No, just realistic. Slow & easy soes it, always.

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