Are there any day traders in Medellin?

29 year old male here, a seasoned vet of medellin. have been day trading in America since college and decided to take my profession to medellin. cheaper cost of living and I can do what im doing anywhere.

any other day traders out there? It would be awesome to set up a smart small group in Medellin

Dear Astros,

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Google Marcello Arrambide, the young Venezuelan-born, USA-raised day trader who was setting up a day trading academy in Medellín a while back .. and may have eventually turned over the operation to the "master traders" he trained.

He was also buying a day traders penthouse in Medellín for use by his protegés.

Kindly report back on what you find.

cccmedia in Depto. de Nariño

Haha a day traders penthouse.  Lord have mercy .

Thanks ! I'm going to look him up now. Will update!

broker/fund manager from Australia in Medellin here, back & forth to home

add me as a contact if you wish

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