medical jobs in Seychelles

Am a female medical Doctor from Tanzania I would like to work in Seychelles as a general practitioner.

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I suggest that you contact hospitals and clinics in Seychelles for possible employment.

i am also a gp from nepal!looking for a medical job in seychelles!before you need to get registered with seychelles medical and dental council!then SDMC will give you either temporary or permanent registration!after that you can work as a expat doctor!all the best!for any information you can mail me on ***

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Please do not post any contact details on the open forum, for security reasons. did ur search go.. Are u working at seychelles now..

Rupesh.. I m working on my registration with the medical board.. But how do I search for vacancies?
I am an internist.

Hi, I am currently working in Namibia, I am also interested in working in Seychelles, but, o don't know where to start. How do I contact you.

Please let me know how to get job in Namibia.  I will try my best to guide you in Seychelles.

Hello all
Hope all are doing well .myself general practitioner with post graduate degree in diabetes Mellitus having 19 years experience ,indian by nationality ,presently working in dubai since last 7 years but looking for a suitable opportunity in seychelles .can anyone tell me how to register with the seychelles medical and dental council and what are the sites to check for suitable vacancies ?
Thank you all in advance .

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