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My husband and I will be coming to Alicante area in March for a 3 month visit.  I use medical marijuana for sleep issues.  Anybody know the laws about bringing edible cannabis into the country?  How about purchasing in Spain?

Therapeutic use is regulated by hospital prescription.
The Spanish penal code does not prohibit its consumption. However, consumption is restricted to private places.
Possession and consumption of narcotics are illegal in public spaces, it is not a criminal offence. but will only receive a  fine of 300€.
The distribution of drugs is a serious crime in Spain, and if you are caught in the process, the penalties can be severe (up to 3 years in prison).
There often drink driving control these tests can include drug tests.

Yeah I would not want to be bringing any into the country.

That said CBD is widely available if that helps and I don't know exactly the process for membership at a cannabis club but it may be worth trying to contact one of the clubs or even a larger headshop who at the very least may be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks, Riberia and JB80!  Your responses were very helpful

There are cannabis clubs here in Valencia and we have a grow shop at the end our our street but the clubs have to be by introduction only and I cannot get introduced. I don;t know if it would work for you, but CBD oil is readily available here and legal to sell and buy.

Thanks, Mike.  CBD didn't work for me.  I didn't know that cannabis was sold through a club and you need to be introduced.  Hmmm.....

It's an interesting idea. The grow clubs are much better at growing than a single person could be because they can invest more in the equipment. You get an introduction to the club (which I have found impossible so far) and then tell the club that you expect to use an average of 5g every 2 weeks (for example). The club then grows that for you on your behalf and your membership fee funds it, Legally, the club is not selling grass which is illegal, they are meeting members requests. The police seem to like it because the clubs become self regulating and there are no social problems as a consequence.

Wow!  That is different  Thanks for the info.

As an update for you, I have now joined one of the clubs. There is a very convoluted method of doing it but it is understandable because it keeps everything legal. Happy to discuss it with you if you want to.

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