Inburgerings Exam

Hi, does any one have an idea gow to start learning dutch by correspondence or online to prepare myself for the civic integration exam? For the next 7 months I will be constantly on the move travelling therefore will not have a proper teacher ar home. Can anybody help?

Dear Sam

Please read my post in this regards

Good luck in advance

I attended a 60 hrs dutch course in cebu Philippines. I found it more practical and helpful than self study. The teacher is dutch and friendly with a good command in English. The  cost is affordable.

I passed the exam in 1 take and now waiting for my mvv approval.  :heart:

Help! Any materials recommended for speaking and writing exam for A2 inburgering exam?

Thank you

Krissah :

Help! Any materials recommended for speaking and writing exam for A2 inburgering exam?

Thank you

Did you study A2? Or are you planning to just jump to exams right away?

Im doing self study and i took the knm exam and i passed. i had my reading exam last week and im waiting for the results, but i found out the exam was not in the  Adappel book.

I'm looking the exact materials for the exam. Do you know any?


I didnt go through the exams yet so I can't recommend any materials.


Just an update, I passed the reading exam. I took KNM & Reading exam successfully within 3 months of my arrival. Happy much.

Self study. .school is expensive 😀

Do they do online tutoring sis? How much?

Hi jctatz!
I am also preparing for the exam and I’m doing self study. Here is the link it might help you too

I read in the DUO website by 2019 they will change the exam content. Is this only in in A1 ezam or also in A2?

Does anyone heard about it too?

Hurry up those who wants to take before changes will effect by next month. .

I'm not aware of that and Unfortunately i can't take exam next month as I'm going to Philippines for vacation and i can not cancel it. My plan to take exam is on February.I'm currently residing in
Abu Dhabi that's why I'm only doing self study.

I have screenshot of the news it says here only inburgering exam to be at a higher level so it means only the A2 will change. . So  the a1 exam stays the same. .

Any thoughts?

I'm relieved I thought they're going to change A1 too

Awee the link doesn't show :(.. i use the Nar Nederlands website to study.

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