Gulf homes compound - How strict is it inside ?

Hi Guys and Girls,

Jack here! I read about some of the posts on this blog about Gulf homes compound.

I am Swedish working in one of the banks here in Al khobar and ill be very straight up and open with you guys :D .. I have a girlfriend who works in Saudi Airlines and i guess this airlines provides accomodation to its staff and crew members in Gulf homes compound.

Now we do often meet in bahrain like once or twice a month but she often asks me to visit her in her compound, which i am not sure if i should do or not ..

Is there any cafe which upon going inside i can just sit, chill and talk with my girlfriend in gulf homes ? Or is it as strict and crazy as it is out there anywhere and the religious police are gonna be all over me as soon as i sit next to my girlfriend there :D !

I hope you get the picture and can guide me in some way on this topic as you live in that compound. Would really appreciate any help or guidance.

Thanks alot !


Not sure about Khobar, but we have similar setup in Jeddah, the compound is Saudia City, and a few others including one famous hotel chain. in Jeddah, getting inside the compound through the crew will only be allowed till the café and not further than that. i.e. you can't visit her apartment as it has another layer of security. Similarly in hotels you can just dine.

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