Gibraltar Middle School for non-residents


My family is relocating to Gibraltar in January as my husband has been offered a role.

Our daughter is 11 years old and we would like her to continue schooling in Gibraltar as it follows the UK curriculum.

However, it seems  schools places are only offered to Gibraltar residents and you need at least 6 months of residence (rental agreements) before you can apply for a Gibraltar ID card.

Is it possible to place our daughter in Middle schools whilst we get all the relevant paperwork in place so that we can make a successful application for the Gibraltar id card?

Is there a fee for non-residents to pay to send their children to primary\middle-schools?

Any help on these questions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you plan to live in Gib you will need to get your Gib residency sorted before your daughter can get into a school. I had the same problem when I came out here a couple of years ago. Luckily I did it over the summer break and just managed to get my girls into school at the beginning of September.

Unfortunately they are really slow here and it might take 4-8 weeks before you get your residency cards (my card renewal took 7 weeks). To get a residency card you will need to provide proof that you (or your husband) live and work in Gib - rental agreement, utility bills etc.

It is only when you get the residency card that you can then apply for a school place.

If you want your daughter to have uninterrupted schooling I suggest you stay in the UK until your husband has found accommodation and sorted out the necessary paperwork.

If you plan to live in Spain then there are a couple of private schools in Gib. I'm not sure whether you can pay to put her into the Gib state system.

Good luck.

If  you don't live in Gibraltar then they can't go to school there I'm sorting this now

Hi All,

Thanks for both replies and apologies for not responding earlier.

We have managed to get our child into school into GIB.

This is how we did it and what you need if you have full time employment

1.  Job offer from firm in Gib.
2. Government stamped ETB form (terms of employment) which firm supplied.
3.  Rental contract for 1 year (make sure it is suitable for residency purposes)
4.  Electric contract from Gibelec
5.  Water contract from Aquagib
6.  Employment offer letter from Firm

With the above documents (and application form and birth certificates) etc etc go to the registration office to make the application.

7. Then go the education office and hand in the school application

Keep in constant touch with the Gib Id registration process and as soon as you get the "Permit of residence" paper go to the education office and let them know.
(You can pick up the Gib id cards later).

It took us 4 weeks, with xmas in between but we have our child in school in Gib now.

I hope the above helps whoever is embarking on the same process as us.


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