How did you decide to be expat?

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Im going to go ahead and be dry and honest.

I fell in love with a cowboy.

No. I never looked back. :)

Get experience from the past which make us perfect

Fascinating reading everyones stories. For me it was a joint decision with my wife. We had talked about it for a while and then finally decided to seriously consider it. We took our time and weighed our options and finally took the plunge after a few months of looking into everything involved. No regrets!

My company back in my homeland got a 6 months project with some telecom company here, after completing the project i got an offer from another good company here for a senior position. the pay and other benefits were good so i decided to live here for another one year. But the i fell in love with the life here and it has been 4 years now. I am single so i travel frequently to near countries once in a month making friend and experiencing new things. Life is good but yeah i miss my home back then som e time

My wife and I have talked about it for years but could never decide on a place until we visited Portugal. Now it's full-steam ahead! Although the politics in USA weren't the reason, it did make it easier for us to accept a mellower culture change.

It's something that was always in the back of my mind, then I got a steady job that allowed me to work remotely. I figured if I was going to give it a go, that was the time! No regrets.

How did I decide to be an expat?  By some definitions, I am not an expat.  I went to school in New York, went back home, and when the opportunity to return to the United States to another school came up, I took advantage.  Will I return home again?  Probably.  Will I go somewhere else after school?  Possibly.  Will I remain in the United States?  Doubtful.

I tend to vacation in the same places each year or two and my vacations kept getting longer and longer as I considered and envisioned myself living there. I finally talked myself into giving it a try.

Jared: Is your father, and not you, managing your life?!?

Coz i was casted on 90 days fiancée

paulopereirra :

Coz i was casted on 90 days fiancée


Now I say that I decided to be an expat and I couldn't find something to realize it. Neither job nor education or investment etc. 😭

I married a Brazilian, whose family connections and career aspirations are all here.  I speak Portuguese as well as I speak English, and have been traveling between Brazil and the US my whole adult life, so it wasn't either a tough decision or a difficult transition.   It still wouldn't have happened, though, without romance. 😍

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Found a Job offer, which I could not resist...

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Coz i was casted on 90 days fiancée


I believe this is a television programme.

Enjoying the constant change of scenery. Made a list of countries in two categories: 1) to live in 2) visit only. Now I live in the first category countries and visit all the nearby category two countries until it's time to move to a new base in the middle of un-visited countries.

Adventurous investor and somewhat a brutally cruel fate fixed me up at the country I´m in. Not so lucky romances dotted the battlefield from far away lands and sent me fleeing
for refuge only to find myself at the laps of the vulture-like and torturous "gatas" of the south.

coin toss

I belong to Azad Kashmir part of Pakistan and life is to hard to survive there, so for my parents and siblings to full fill their need, I came to Saudi Arabia at 2003 and suck here but never get that enough pay to settle back in my home land, so sad I miss my parents and everyone, Wish to move any other country to work more hard and plan to migrate in any country if I can settle there & can have good future.

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