Paying bills in Gambia

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Gambia?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Gambia? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Everyone,
Bills are paid based on mutual agreement with the property owner.
In Gambia, there are different types of bills and different methods of payments.
For instant example, The National Power supply accounts for both water and electricity, and their bills comes as follows, The Water bill comes every month, and its paid at their regional offices nation wide, the Electricity bill is pay as you go, meaning, you have to purchase the units before using.

The rental bills are based on agreement with the property owner, some owners wants their money every month, and some owners wants it quarterly, and some yearly. Their is no regulation about this in  Gambia. Just like every other countries, Internet bills comes every month, but mobile internet is pay as you go.

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