Bringing dog back to USA

Hello. I need help and information ASAP! I am in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We have been through Hurricane Maria. We are flying out Oct 19, 2017.  Here is the problem: My fiance is an Iraq War Veteran. He has PTSD and has been receiving care at the VA, here for that. In 2015, his psych Dr wrote an order for him to have a service dog for his anxiety, which if not kept under check, can lead to a severe PTSD episode. He got a dog for that. American Airlines is telling us, the dog has to have a rabies vaccine, before flying. He was due his vaccine, but now it is past due. There are no vets open. I need help getting my dog vaccinated. Can anyone help? To compound that problem, American Airlines is also stating my 2015 order be updated. Went to the VA to do that. His VA Dr left on an extended vacation, till some sense of normalcy is restored. Cannot get a new Dr to evaluate me, in time and write new order. HELP! Any suggestions or help, will be greatly appreciated. KMMarshall

Well you may be forced to steal/liberate a tag from another dog.   :D

Not sure if this will help, but there's a veterinarian on Fort B.  You could call and explain your situation to them and they may have some ideas.  Hope this helps, and best of luck!

BTW. The airline (southwest) has never ask to see a Dr.s order for our service dog.  Service dogs do not require a dr order,  however companion dogs do need an order..   They may be able to deny boarding over the rabies issue   You are between a rock and a hard spot.

You have to find a vet.All dogs,service and otherwise are required by law to have a health certificate by the airlines regardless if they are a service dog or otherwise.hope this helps and good luck to y’all.

That has occurred to us, but only as a last resort. We've been through he'll and he served our country, never thought it would be so difficult.

Thank you. Never thought about this. Will check.  ☺

KMMarshall, wishing you both all the best!

my vet is open...Dr. Harold Lund in Gardneville in Guynabo...Actually quite a few vets are open that I have seen.

We brought a dog back from Puerto Rico this January. We got her shots in Aguada. The appointments there were walk in only. You basically got there early, signed in at the front desk and waited a few hours for your turn. You  should just find a vet office and go there very early in the morning with your dog.

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