Iqama transfer request cancellation period

My new sponsor has recently make a transfer request to my old company and the old company approved the request, however the new sponsor did not process my Iqama, still my Iqama is under the old company name. But now I don’t want to go with new sponsor I want to transfer another new sponsor immediately. As requested, my both sponsors agreed to give release. So they don’t want approach MOL for the cancellation of the request, instead I have completed 90 days for automatic cancellation, but still my new sponsor unable to send online request. How long I have to wait? What shall I do nex? Please help me anyone..

Dear Ahmed,

I am facing same problem is your problem solved please let me know if it is cancelled please share me on my email ***.i will be very thankfull to you

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What happen to your issue regarding this? Any update?

One X company sent request for transfer to my kafeel. But i did not want to take transfer to them and i asked my kafeel to cancel it. Now the status is NOT CONFIRMED. Now there is this Y company where i want to take transfer and they are saying that, they have sent transfer request to my kafeel but when i am checking online it still shows the old request with NOT CONFIRMED status. Is the y company can send transferrequest

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