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Does anyone know the best way for me to be able to call from the dr back to the USA??? I am not finding any cell phone services from the USA that will cover from the Dominican???

Easiest way just get a local  cell phone,  put some credit on it and dial.  In some cases it is the same cost as a local call.

Download google Hangouts and as long as you are on wifi you can make calls to America no problem for free. Hope this helps

Thank you ..even if I don't have cellular data on my phone??

Can I bring my iPhone and have a local sims card put in there to use as a local phone

yes as long as it is Unlocked. But most places in Dominican have wifi so I use wifi to Mae calls for personal and for business back to any phone number in America using wifi and Google Hangouts and FaceTime and Whatapp all three are great communication tools for USA.

Greetings.  I personally use the Magic Jack app. I Pay $35 a year which gives me a local U.S. phone Number where as long as I have wifi, I can make free calls to the U.S. and my family can call me or leave a voice mail. If you add crédit to the app, you can also make internacional calls for a lower rate. I use it to call family from DR, but you will need wifi to use it.

I have a iPhone and still have my T-Mobile service that actually that has a good intentional plan that lets you call regular for 20 cent per minute but I just use it for Data for up to 2 months and then you can get a Claro mobile hotspot if you stay longer than 2 months and use sticky wifi and still use Whatapps, Google Hangouts FaceTime, oh and  Airtime is another app and Uber conference... communication is no problem. especially if you have a iPhone

MagicJack not a bad idea I will look into that too multiple ways to stay in touch and communicate to USA...

Thank you ..so as long as I have wifi I can use FaceTime and google hangouts to make calls without any cellular data???

With Magic Jack you can also hook up a home phone to the router with the kit you get for $35 and it works just like a regular U.S. phone. Your friends and family call the local U.S. Number, and it rings here in DR, just like if you were back home.  I have had it for 3 years and works great! I use app when I travel to other Counter when not in DR, the house phone stays here on the island.

Yes I do it all the time. and you can put your phone in airplane mode to avoid any type of roaming charges occurring by mistake.

Mikbri. Yes you can, the only problem is that if you need to call your bank or any place which does not use those apps, then you are toast. With Magic Jack you get to dial actual phone Number, with some of these apps, the folks you are trying to reach, must have them installed on their phones as well.  I use a combination of all the suggestions. I have a Nexus 4 phone unlocked for local calls and mobile internet when out of the house, Magic Jack for U.S. calls, and Whatsapp for casual friends conversation.

I call my bank all the time with Google Hangouts no need for anyone else to have google hangouts you can call ANYWHERE and ANYONE with a U.S. number weather it is a 1-800 number or any type of number. Whatapp I use to call anyone in DR because most people and business have cell phones and use what app. FaceTime anyone with IPHONE which is millions of family and friends and people in the U.S.

trust I have been living here for months and I use Google Hangouts everyday....

I use Whatapp everyday for DR calls and texting

I use FaceTime to call all my friends and family because that is what we all have.

The ones that don't have it I simply call them on Google Hangouts but most of my people have Whatapp as well so still no problems

and of coarse there is IPHONE FaceTime for my close friends and family who have iPhones which is mostly all my immeidate family.

Even my 78 year old grandmother call me on Whatapp.. and FaceTime from her iPad.
Magicjack might be a good option as well. I always say get a backup plan with a backup plan!

And I don't have to have cellular data to do it ?? I can just use wifi???

thank you

lol Yes WIFI is everywhere in DR most places have WIFI and best thing about having a iPhone and other smart phones is that once they give you the password if they don't change it you always have it. I was here last April and went to one place and received their password and I revisited it since I live here full time and they never changed the password and I did not even have to ask for it my IPHONE and my MACBook connected automatically.... Sweet living!..

Thank you so much for your time and help ...

I've done all of the above.  Be careful using open wifi.  You need internet for a magicjack. Advantage with magicjack is you can buy specific packages to specific international destinations. But, if your area code is a US code you can call any US # no problem.  We have T-mobile...coverage is ok around North Coast...about as good as a pay as you go simcard...great to have same number and free text (data is 2g connection mostly)  I hope T-mobile has begun a trend and that all providers will soon allow world roaming....like what happened at the beginning of cell phone plans...

Yes on the magic Jack. We have been using it here for over 11 years now and in fact I have the same US phone number that I have had for over 30 years.  For the folks back home calling you in the DR is like calling you if you lived in the US.

Get any local service on a cell (orange, claro) and you will have the ability to call the US at the same rate as a local call here but it does not help the folks back home to call you

NEVER and I repeat NEVER conduct personal business like banking on an open "free" wi/fi spot.  We will only do this on a secure wi/fi spot (like only at home).  Too many hackers out there.

Bob K

Great advice on the open wifi signal....as it is I do not even trust the service provided by my local internet provider or mobile. I turn on a VPN for banking needs. IPVanish is the one I use for personal needs.

Have been using Sprint's "Open World" plan here in the DR, unlimited calls, data and chats within, to/from US. Two phones (wife's and mine) less than $100 US per month.

Will have to look at that sprint plan, how is the quality of the calls and what type of internet speeds are you getting? Can you tether from the phone to another device? And how strong is your signal on the island? That Sprint plan sounds pretty good! Can your friends in the U.S. dial you withouth being charged extra?

Really?? So unlimited everything to the USA and receives very my from the USA?? And what about calling within the dr?? So they have a sprint there or did you sign up in the USA?

Signed up earlier this year before we headed out to explore the caribbean. We wanted something that would work in the DR, PR and VI (all places that we were looking at for our future home). We were with Verizon for ever but calls to/from the DR would be International, same with AT&T. Sprint had a "one World" plan that not only treated calls made/received within PR and VI as part of their unlimited plan, but also included the DR and many other caribbean and central america countries as well. Have used the past six weeks in Punta Cana and have placed and received many calls, texts and data and not one penny of extra charges - everything included in our unlimited calls. Use to call local numbers here in the DR, but most folks here just have me contact them through "Whats App".

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