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Hi all.

I am from India and I thinking of settling in Panama along with my wife on Pensionado visa.  I request members to help me in giving information on the following matters:

1. Best lawyer/attorney to get Pensionado visa who charges reasonably
2. Best place with reasonable price for a short stay of about 10 days in Panama to apply for Pensionado visa.
3. I want to know the experience and advise from Indians settled in Panama on Pensionafo Visa Good lawyer  Older hotel but reasonable especially if you factor in the shuttle to the airport and breakfast.

There was an Indian guy in our tennis group. He said there are no Indian spices and seasonings here so you might want to bring a supply.

You have visited and checked it out, right? No point in spending money on a lawyer before you know if Panama will work for you.

Thanks a lot for your prompt response and good information.  Pl give me the contact details of the Indian guy.  I have not visited the Panama.  I am planning to visit Panama in Oct/Nov 2017.

I heard that the Indian guy unfortunately  got cancer and died.
I have been to a very good Indian restaurant in Panama City, but it was a while go. Their website is up though, and google also brought up a couple more restaurants. Maybe it would be a way to connect with some others from your country.

I live in David, Chiriqui, close to Costa Rica. Other than the tennis guy I'm not aware of any other people from India in this area. Not that it's a problem for people here. They are welcoming to everyone but I understand how it's nice to connect with a few people from home.

You are visiting next month, very soon!


You aware that I am an Indian and planning to settle in Panama.  I am 62 years old and retired from a reputed Bank in India in a Senior Management Cadre.

Will you please help me in getting a suitable job in Panama with a salary of about $3000 per month to get on in Panama.

It is unlikely that you will get a job here, and even more unlikely that you'll find a salary that high. Most jobs aren't open to foreigners. Most people find a job that they can do remotely over the Internet, or find a job with a company with Panamanian offices that will transfer them here. Starting your own business is also an option but complicated and frustrating in a new country, culture, language, laws, etc. You also need to contact a lawyer about getting legal to work here.

Hello, Indian citizens are considered a restricted country so the requirements are much higher than the normal Pensionado. Outside of that program for Indian citizens you will need to invest at least $300k USD to apply for residency in Panama. Pension programs do not allow you to work in Panama as well.

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