Washing Machine Repairs


The digital control panel on our washing machine (Fisher & Paykel) has ceased to function. Does anyone know a reliable repairman in the north of Pulau Penang?



You could check with the Facebook groups active in Penang - 1. Partners in Penang, and 2. Expats in Penang

Why not just put the problem to the dealer where you bought it? Actually, those parts are very easy to change yourself but are likely costly, especially if they have been imported. Is the machine old enough to consider dumping?

Ok, that said, I suggest you drop into any electric shop where they sell appliances or even just light bulbs and parts. They will know who to recommend for the repair.

There are handymen all over Malaysia, you see their cards and small flyers all the time stuck on your door. They do carpentry, plumbing, electrical, aircon, water leaks, and washers too! They lack professional credentials but most of the time get the job done. Such a person charges about RM60 to show up, plus parts and labor. Labor is charged by the job, like RM20 to change a bunch of ceiling bulbs, and so on. You can also ask a neighbor who they use for repairs. They are happy to help out.

Electricians in Penang
https://www.facebook.com/search/1018927 … intersect/

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