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Hi. I am here in the Philippines right now and my husband is currently working in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. I am planning to go to Riyadh to be with my husband... but I havent seek any employer yet to get me for work. I would like to ask if its possible for me to go in Saudi under my husband's name? Like he will sponsor me as husband and wife visa?

Yes , if your husband has family status from the company , he can sponsor you as a dependent and issue visa for you.  However in order to work under the dependent visa, you may need to secure additional approval or transfer your sponsorship to the company.

How long will it take to have the visa? Does it cost too much money?

Family Visa fees is 2000 Saudi riyal.

So we have to prepare

Is this correct?

There will be Medical Insurance one year fees around 1500 to 2000 SR and 650 SR fees for Residency Permit card "Iqama"
But all this will be paid by company if your husband is having family status in his contract. what you have to pay from your pocket is only Dependent Taxes.

I see.. the problem here now is.. when my husband went to saudi arabia to work on november 29, 2016 his documents are all stated that he is single. The reason is we only got married on 18th of November 2016. All his papers are already done and just about to leave the country a couple of days. What should we do now for this case?

Do you mean if a wife has family visa she can not work?

Yes . If she come for visiting visa she can not work .
But if she have working visa it will be ok .


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