live close to Mangalore

Hi everyone,

I travelled in India and i wish to live arround Mangalore ( Udupi ) to buy an house and open a guesthouse. I will so it with friends =)
I start to know few thinks about india but nothing about laws !!

I just know it s possible to buy and open a buisness without being with an indian

Otherwise, in france i ve got a health center where i do massage and i learn yoga since few years.

I am from Marseille

It will be lovely to discuss with you and maybe meet you !!


    It might be better to start off by renting or leasing. Only after consulting with a couple of lawyers specializing in property/ land issues, you should consider your options.

As far as running a guesthouse​ is concerned, mangalore/ udupi region is a great choice. The state govt is coming up with new projects to develop the coast. Hopefully should result in an influx of tourists.

If you have any questions, you can post it here.

I have spent four years in mangalore studying engineering.I have some friends who are natives of mangalore. Maybe they can help since they know the place well and about the legal procedures.
If u have any questions u can message me.

Are you married to an Indian? Or do you plan to do "visa runs" with tourist visa? As per property/business ownership I do not have much recent knowledge. Some time back it was only possible as a joint venture with an Indian.

My hubby is from Mangalore :) We lived there for 2 years. :)

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