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Hi Guys, we are arriving in Da Nang in a couple of weeks and would like advice on where to find a good Dentist...
Thanks for your help...

Have just been to a recommended Dentist in Da nang...
Not impressed, hygiene practices lacking and they appear to cater to fly in foreigners and suddenly everybody needs numerous implants/crowns at prices that seem generally similar to Australia.
My wife wanted a replacement bridge but for every reason that they could think of, crowns would be much better for $5,000...
What are other people's experiences?
Thanks, Mike

Go to Thailand Vietnam sucks for healt care!

Hi there, just wondering if there was any recommendation for a dentist in Da Nang?
@Michaellieptourist did you find anything?


Hi, read my earlier post, having been a health professional most of my life, I was particularly interested in the hygiene practices, not impressed at all...
The prices 3 of them quoted were little different to prices in Australia.
We decided to check out HCM, we were lucky enough to find a Vn lady dentist that on hygiene and price was more than satisfactory. If you are intending to travel to HCM, I will give you all the details...

Ok michael, thanks for the info. I think I may have found one in Da Nang https://serenitydentalclinic.com/danang.  The reviews seem positive...I'll update this forum on my experience!

Watch out for the dentists who clearly advertise on their websites that they do ‘tourist dentistry’, they are out to make $$$$...

The email address you posted stated, "Page not found", is not correct or she is no longer in business.

Didn't make it to Da Nang had a emergency and ended up going to a local guy in Lang Co which was fine for what I had done but does not speak English.

If I were needing Dental Care I suggest going to Saigon.
Lam Anh, 130 Ha Huy Tap, Quan 7  (Phu My Hung)
Dr Duy is who I use.
Example of Prices:  Crowns porcelain/metal  $170,  Porcelain/Zirconia $270
Implants around 750 for Nobel.  Abutments $270.
They have a web site you can visit and prices are posted. Very reasonable.
I do not recommend the location near the airport in Phu Nhuan.
I only recommend the 130 ha Huy Tap location.  Hygiene is better than my dentist in the U.S.
Capable of full jaw X-rays (if you have TMJ issues)

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