Looking for friends in Erkrath/Düsseldorf

Hi all! I moved here in Erkrath (very close to Düsseldorf) Sept. of last year. I know it's almost a year now but I haven't really had the time to go out and meet people/make friends. It would be nice to meet people and have some friends in the area. Cheers!!

Hi Lizzy. I will be moving from the US to Dusseldorf in October. I do not know anyone there so will be looking to meet up new people. Let me know if we can meet up. I will be there next week as well.

Emile. I am a male by the way.

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Thank you got it

Hi Lizzy moving to Dusseldorf this weekend, if you're up for it, lets plan to meet up.

Hi Sylvahze,

Sounds good! Let’s do that. 👍🏻

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