Wanted: a mature female penpal from Pakistan

I tried to post an introduction yet couldn't get through.


I am a straight female and trying to find a mature female who lives in Pakistan, Pakistani or not, to become penpals but can't find any;  There are lots of males though...

I need to learn more about the life in Pakistan, if we can be friends that is fine too.


I am french ... But i live in pakisran more than 3 months each year .... So maybe You CAN be interested to communicate Its me ....
My name is marina and i am 60 years old ...

Hello Walkedtheline,

I suggest you seek information from male as well as females living in Pakistan or have first hand exposure with Pakistani way of life.

There are loads of decent males around and and as a distant correspondent , you are pretty safe as long as you do not disclose personal information.

May I also request you to put some general questions you have in your mind , on the forum for members to  participate . :)

Marina which area do you exactly live in ? Punjab or Sindh ?

I am Pakistani. I am 40 years old.Got married 9 years back to my present husband who is born and brought up here in Jeddah. Very orthodox and very strict religious person. I would like to have email friends. No personal contact and no chatting and never whatsapp.
Friendship with male or female doesn't makes any difference as long as you are jolly and witty with interesting outlook to life at middle age period.

I am surprised that Pen Pals still exist ?????

If u are alive, then life is full of surprises everyday, otherwise you are a dead person.


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