Argentina - Buenos Aires...

I am an American with an OK pension. How much would it cost to live in a decent area of Buenos Aires? I may take a trip in the coming months and plan a move. Three cats would come with me - no family. I am single. My Spanish is OK - I watch Spanish television daily to learn the language better.   My name is Glenn - I just turned 55 last week. I write books full time but I am not successfully published yet.

Hi Glenn. With usd 1000 per month you can live here by your own. I'm a writer as well.

Thanks, Antonio - my income is much, much more than that. Thanks for letting me know. I will try to visit in the next year. I am not rich by USA standards. but I am doing OK.  I own a condo in western Massachusetts in an inexpensive area - I bought it new.

Cool man, glad it helped! That's great. What do you write about?

Hi, I am not yet published. I have written three historical fiction novels - two are long books, not good when one is seeking a publisher. The fourth is about my time in the military. I hope to have book deals by year's end. I am doing a contemporary novel (fiction) now. I have written science fiction and fantasy. I can afford to live overseas and not work, though some people have told me it is likely I could find part-time work teaching English if I wanted it. I do not have a college degree as I went into the military instead - I was a medic - so I am familiar with the medical field. I write every day in  my spare time, and I have to begin watching Spanish-speaking TV every day now - especially if I am going to relocate to Buenos Aires or some other Spanish country like Spain. I was stationed in the Philippines when young - so I know what it is like not to live in the USA and I am OK with it.

Anyone with info - it would help. I just turned 55 last week. I have an OK income. I would not have to work. I work full time writing, but am not earning money doing it. I understand for around $700 a month USD I can find a nice place with a doorman and pool in Buenos Aires. I can afford more. I am NOT rich by US standards, just secure financially as I have a military pension. I can afford the healthcare too -  I read what it costs and despite having other healthcare I have to pay about $300 USD a month in the USA. I own property here - but I would likely not make too much of a profit with a sale next year of it. I have three cats and they are coming with me - I imagine that is possible with rabies and other shots. I joined another site with Argentina but can't log in. This may be my only info site. I will search for others.

Hi Glenn, niche to meet you, i'm Facundo, i'm not living in BA right now but i was born and raised there. Yo could rent a big flat in Palermo or San Telmo with plenty of rooms and amenities for less than U$D 1000, and i think those two neighborhoods are great for writing, plenty of historic cafes, plazas and history. San Telmo has a more working class/Tango Feel with a deep immigrant history, perfect setting for a Porteño Novel.
Food is expensive though, but you will be fine.

Thanks for letting me know. I may try to visit in the next year - by February or March on my own. I can afford that without problems. For now,  I am here in the USA for some time, but I would like to move someplace like Buenos Aires. I speak Spanish - fairly OK, but need to become more fluent, and practice every day. In the USA we call flats - apartments. I own property here now... but would be OK renting. I have three cats that will be going... thanks for the info.