Tanzania 2018 with cats & dogs

Hello I am looking to relocate to Tanzania next year with my cats dogs & boyfriend. I'm from USA currently living in Barbados. Can anyone direct me to resources to look up housing ", local vets, land etc. any information will help

ok but where tanzania ??

Tanzania is located east of africa

ha ok i didnt know that !!

and where are you now ??

Hi there. I am just finding this Expat and wanted to know where in Tanzania you are living. I am from the States and have been living in Moshi Tanzania for 6 months so far. I have Vet information and would love to talk more if you need help.

Thanks we can chat in box for more information
Am salvatory

Have you moved yet, and if so, could you give me some information about your move, visas, pets (I have two little dogs) and so on - anything you think would be helpful - places to live and costs - just anything.  Thanks much - ShonaJJJ

About visa , you can just get a toirist visa at the airport which costs $100 for Americans and renew till six months and then move around and figure out where you want to live

About places to live, it depends on what kind of environment you want to live, rural or urban and the costs depending on where you wish to live

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