How to make friends in Hamburg

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Hamburg :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Hamburg??

Thanks in advance for your participation


I would say first that it is very hard to make friends in Germany and you will need some time to make acquaintances!! sometimes it means "a long time", because Germans are not used to go talk to someone they don't know just like that (I just say this from experience)

So in order to give some tips that worked for me in the past i would say:

- at the university, there are always students looking for a "Sprachtandem" that's to say someone with who to speak in the foreign language this person is studying (There's a board in Asta-Haus for example)

- Then there's a german facebook here called "studivz", there you can maybe make some friends or just stay in touch with german friends that do not want to have a facebook profile

-There is a programm for international students or trainee too, they can take part to a buddy programm: in Hamburg it is called "Buddy Net", you have to subscribe and then someone will put you in contact with a german students who will help you to used to the city i would say

But the most important: Keep the motivation, it's always hard to make friends, especially when people know that you will stay here just 6 months or ...
And on this website that i just discovered few weeks ago, you can get to know lots of internationals i hope ;-))
So just write to people even if u don't know what to say, we are all on the same boat after all

Good Luck and i hope this will be helpful!!

Hey, yes just came here couple of days ago and noticed that germans are not exactly easy going ,tough to pick up some to have a chat.
I will get on that buddy net as you say and hope to find somebody to show me the city.Thank for tip pal!


I just arrived in Hamburg for a new contract that will keep me here for at least a year. Anyway, I am originally from Mexico but I live in London where my family is based.

I am more than happy to meet someday and maybe exchange experiencdes. I lived in Germany before, it takes Germans a bit longer than most to get used to outsiders. but eventually they warm out.

if you fancy a beer one of this days please let me know...

I think the process for making friends anywhere is similar.  Language classes are a good place to start, check Facebook groups and  There are 2 expat groups on Facebook for Stuttgart alone.  Also, see if your city has an international club.  Stuttgart has one and a lot of its members are Germans which is great for getting to know the locals.  Once you know more of the language, you can then join clubs that suit your interests, i.e. running club, soccer team, etc.  It's not easy and it takes more effort than it would at home, but having friends will make your time so much more enjoyable.

As a German myself :) I recommend activities like sports and dance classes! I got to Hamburg 3 months ago, not knowing anyone, but through dancing alone (I do tango), I met a whole bunch of people from all over the world, and it's getting more and more. You just need a good starting point.


Its already a month in hamburg and i am gonna stay for lotta years. As a student and employee of university i am able to make really good friends out here. of course language is a bit of problem but people are really nice and co-operative. They would warmly welcome if you extend your invitation towards friendship in a decent way.

Hope to be your friend as well

Best Wishes


Staying alone not really good and if somebody is not careful you will have  alots of stress and having stress can cause damage to somebody's brain and having problem in brain can cause mal-functions of the whole body

Hi all,

You always find English speakers in Der Fleetenkieker, Börsenbrücke 10, 20457 Hamburg.

The pub is run by an Irish. He did Finnegan's Wake before. But unfortunately it shut down. But now a lot of expats gathering in FinWake before are now in Fleetenkieker (just around the corner).

And it is also the home of Finnegan's Wake Golf Association which I am a member of. This is a golfing pub team. The majority of members are English speaking expats. But there are also a few Germans (as myself). We are always locking for new members.

In summer we play once a fortnight on different courses in and around Hamburg.

Best to all and have fun


How are you that would be nice if i know your schedule and we can meet for talk and have a cup of coffee, u can reach  me any time.
Stay tune

Lawkeen :

How are you that would be nice if i know your schedule and we can meet for talk and have a cup of coffee, u can reach  me any time.
Stay tune

Good to hear.  Like many to talk on topics like travel, food, social media, karaoke, badminton, bowling, beering, clubbing, dancing, programming, international trading, working in another country etc...

That would be good..Do u have skype or are u in FB?

want to meet interesting people in Hamburg and listen to good music, you must check out IBC

Hola Carlos,

Como estas? Yo estoy en Hamburg y tu? Estoy trabajando en una familia por unas semanas mas y pues empeze a buscar trabajo y alojamiento para quedarme mas tiempo aqui. Nose si puedas darme algun consejo? Ya tengo mi CV traduido en Aleman y pues ando buscando anuncios pero no hablo bien aleman y pues no es facil. Hablo bien el Ingles, Espanol y Frances.

(Hablo el espanol pues de chiquita vivi con mi mama en Mexico :)
Y tu que estas haciendo aqui? En que ciudad estas?


Hello Aushra -> Could you please write in english on this English Speaking forum so that everybody can understand and participate? :)

Thank you,


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hallo everybody!

I would like to join the group because the first week of august I'm spending one week in Hamburg and I would like to make some new friends:)
I live in Rome and I often join expats events in my city, I always enejoyed my self very much and I made a lots of friends;)


Hey all. it was very interesting reading up on all the great ideas. i have gone on to but slightly nervous aboout being to younge as most the people seen like they are in there 30s+ and im still in my early 20s- am i stressing over nothing?

So, it turns out that am Kenyan leaving in Germany for almost two year, formally leaving in Dresden but not based in Hamburg. Yes!, Job brought me this side of the town...been here for 6 months. was very busy to be flexible but now seems am freeing up myself. it will be a pleasure to get to know some people around....if you may ask....My German is Horrible, never attended a class but i do have a plan for, however is free for a while, your welcomed to hit me up.

I know that is too hard make friends here, i am alone all the time in my house and my husband is in the Uni all the time, for me there is not easy to make friends i want to know how to meet people, i love dancing and would like to make zumba o whatever just have much fun and make my time here more enjoyable.

hi everyone:)
i really happy that i found this page:)
just moved from London and looking for people to spend some free time together
if someone needs company for a cafe,shopping or simple for a drink at the club
i'm here just write me:)
will be more of us:)

let's set up  a meeting in some cool club:)
any suggestions???

Hello Paula.

Im Beth living at Hamburg near to Altona place.We can meet if you want to have a coffee or city tour and shopping..Its nice if we can meet also some expat memeber here in hamburg..u can reach me on my skype ID: beth_1130..

Hey there, I am really glad found such topic! I am here in hamburg from time to time and really would like to meet some friends for coffee, shopping or even night out :)

Hallo im looking for Zimbabwean or South African friends  , im a 30 year old lady based in Hamburg, and im also looking for female friends :D

hi rutendo

Will be coming in August maybe we can meet and be friends.

"m from Zimbabwe

Hi there, are you still in hamburg ? :)

If you speak English  can we meet in Hamburg, how far from Frankfurt to Hamburg.


Waqar Hussain


Are you still in Hamburg?
I just arrived and I'm looking for someone who want to drink a coffee with me :)

Hope to hear from you!

hey there,
im living in hamburg if someone wants to drink a coffee or just wants to hang around awhile.
im currently writing on my bachelor thesis but i think there's time for a few cups of coffee/beer etc. :)

best regards

New in Hamburg, looking for connections.....

Would like to go out meet new people and hangout :)

Hello,  Moin!
I'm in Hamburg from 2 weeks and I'll stay until August 2014
but making friends is not really easy here,
So If I can take w coffee with someone I'll be very pleased.
PS: I'm here for business, I'll be in hamburg every three monthes

you are free to send me a pn to meet for a cup of coffee/beer etc. :)
i'm living in harburg

Hi this is Bandra here. I am in Hamburg from last three months. I would like to make some good friend to spend the extra time with them.

Hello all,

If you are looking to connect with fellow expats and are female, it's worth joining the Girl Gone International Hamburg(they have groups in other cities, as well) facebook community. They organize events, meet ups and dinners, and have a few sub groups for young mothers, sports and even a Stich N bitch (for a good gossip while knitting or crocheting) as well as classifieds, and places to find English speaking doctors, etc.

To be honest, I went to one event and felt a bit like the knew kid at school while everyone else was already in a clique, however other people seem to have made life long friends, and on the up side I did get an espresso maker for 20 euro on the classifieds :)

Hi i just move to Hamburg from London about a month ago , i'm going to live in this city for the next 3 years . I would like to meet people and hang out for a cup of coffee or some cocktails  :)

Hi !! am in spain now but would like get back during this summer ... gud day ... and regards.

Nii  :)

Hi !! hoping u still in hamburg ... cos will be back this summer ...
have a 9ice day and warm regards :)

you should also consider to visit the reeperbahn:D drunk people are easier to talk to in germany ^^

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