Perfume business in Ukraine


first of all I would like to thank everyone for those helpful topics in this website,

I own with a friend of me a good Perfume factory in turkey and we opened more that 30 Sales Points in different countries,

I believe that our concept is successful but I would like to ask your opinion about the Perfume business in Ukraine, is it worth to open some points in Ukraine ??

Also is it easy to import to Ukraine from Turkey, I mean procedure taxes and other issues ?

And last of all is there a truthful website or company to find some employees through it ?

Thanks a lot

Hi! Write down to me *** or on facebook h*** and I'll tell gow to open business in ukraine and about taxation.

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Ukrainians love fashion and love luxury. People always buy such products. Last autumn I visit one Arabic perfumes store in one western city of Ukraine. The store had opened 6 months ago but sales were very good and there were looking for a new city to open a store. At least that was what I was told by the seller.
But if you can, I would suggest you doing a market research to find preferences of Ukrainians and to choose a right approach to your customers.
Large malls do not allow to sell counterfeit products (sorry I do not know whether you are talking about replicas or originals).
Re taxes and customs procedures, you should seek for a logistic company for customs matters. Taxes is a whole separate subject and should be discussed separately and with a tax expert because there are several possible options of taxation provided by law and even more variants of how to minimize it.
If you are looking for sales persons then you can post your vacancy on work(dot)ua and rabota(dot)ua.

thanks a lot for your answer , very helpful

my concept is not counterfeit  , its a mix between oriental and original

i will visit Ukraine asap to make a Market Study

thanks again

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