How to make friends in Osaka

Hi! Hello

Y u want to stay for short days only?
R u looking 4 a job here in Osaka

Hi, Good afternoon guys.

Hi, am an African staying in South Korea but plan to move to Japan first week of Dec with a visitors Visa, can i extend it ? because i don't want to go back to Korea,or is there any other means of staying back ?

secondly what are the possible jobs i can get in Japan and how much can i be paid monthly ?

is anyone still on this thread? i'd like to meet anyone haha! I'm from the Philippines but I can speak in English a little :) please message me or add me. I'm currently studying Nihongo and living in Osaka :)

I'm in Osaka and I want to meet friends.

Karen I have the same situation contact if if you want

Hi! Sa tanan,!  :)

Nasa osaka kba

Ohayo minna! May  Nagsisimba din po ba dito sa tamatsukuri church?  Tnx.

Hi arvin 04 & Melody k - can you guys keep it in English please  :whistle:

Are you here in osaka

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I am in Zambia and I want to have a friend in Osaka

musta ka...

hi, i just moved in Osaka. looking for filipinos or filipinas in their 20s to start making friends again. cheers!

Hey guys, I'm moving to Osaka in November for a year and would be cool to get to know people already living over there and maybe ask some advice. Send me a message if you wanna get in touch, thanks :D

Hi Everyone, Just moved to Osaka a month ago.

I am a 24 years old filipino. I would want to meet new people here since I don't know anyone yet.
I love photography, adventures, and simple but sensible talks with people.


I would like to make friends who are interedted japanese and english also,and i want to study english more deeply.if you can please help me.

Yea,i came from you have any questions?

Hi there,im from osaka,if you can please add me skype lueasy7

This is  Varun from INDIA.
I just moved to Osaka 3 months ago.
Looking for new frnds to hang up, chat in Japanese. . Please contact me If anyone is interested.

Welcome to Osaka, Varun!

Hi Everyone,

Just moved to Osaka  15 Days ago.

I am a 29 years old Indian. I would want to meet new people here since I don't know anyone yet.


No, im not an expat but i grew up in the Philippines.
After living in Tokyo for 5 years, i decided to move to Osaka.

Just moved to Osaka a couple of weeks back so yeah sadly i dont friends yet at the moment.
Just wanted to see if there are people out here with similar hobbies of mine.

I like board gaming, computer gaming, watching movies, karaoke, bowling.. well, sounds like your typical otaku but im also keen trying out anything.

Anyways, cheers and hoping to find new friends and maybe try to help out people along the way as well :)

Hi Soluna, I'm from the U.S. and my wife is from the Philippines and we are now here in Osaka considering a move here. We're looking here in the city, but also some of the surrounding areas. If you have any advice or would like to meet up for a chat, let me know. Colibrus

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