How to make friends in Osaka

We have been talking about loneliness when you are abroad, let's now talk about how to make friends (locals or expatriates) when you're living in Osaka :top:

Which are your best tips to meet people and to make friends in Osaka??

Thanks in advance for your participation

Hello, my name is Lydia, I would like to talk with someone who comes from in Osaka !;)

Clubs and Bars. I've run into many interesting faces, from all over the place. And usually the atmosphere is really nice:)

Hi,im new here in osaka,im from shizuoka,wish to have pinay friends here because i dont have anyfriends here and i feel so alone:(

Hello jiajien.

Please note that this is an old thread but thank you for sharing your advices and experiences with us as this could be useful to the other members of the forum.



Hello avriljin.

i can be your pinay friend,i just stayed here one month in osaka,im just at home bored coz i never meet friends even japanese,korean,thailander and other,im shy,quite but if we get know more of each other maybe we will be a good friends,hope to hear from you,,thanks


hi, im rose!am living also from osaka...filipina from cebu..hope we can be friends here..its, nice to meet you ^_^

Hello I am Bernie from Australia ..I am here in Osaka
Be nice to meet u

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Hi! I'm Xavier from Kakegawa city, Shizuoka.
I'm looking for friends to hangout and drinking on weekends.
If you are intereted to meet me in person reply me. Or you can write me here reivax_xavier[at]
Will be waiting for your reply.
Weather is getting bad, so stay safe.


I am Japanese and I used to work with people from Osaka.
They have quite different mentality compare to other
Japanese. They are more animated and know for laugh with
jokes and very open minded.
If you can catch up some of Osaka dialect it will help to
communicate with locals more easily for making friends.

Hello everyone I'm Aimee! It's may 1st month of stay in Osaka, everything is new to me that's why I really want to meet new friends. Hope to hear form you guys! God bless us!

Hi Aimee,

Welcome to :)

Maybe a longer introduction and some information about your hobbies might help you create some contacts :)

Thank you,

Hasnaa Team

Hi I m from osaka

Wish some come and be my good friend I living in osaka and without friend life is so alone like a hell .i can speak english and Japanese in real life I m little shy to talk with strangers


If anyone is up for a chat via Skype or wants to meet in Osaka somewhere I'd love to get to know some new people :)

Check out my profile-thingy, because I'm lazy and can't be assed to type all the info again :D


I m also searching for friend

Hi, I'm Taka. I just got transferred in my job and don't know anyone here in Osaka. I'm bilingual in English and in Japanese. So if you want, we can hang out and practice Japanese together. Please be free to contact me.

Hi,I'm hazel and I'm also new living in Osaka,maybe we can be friends.thanks

Hi I'm also looking for a friend,I'm from Philippines.really hard to meet friends in here seems many people couldn't talk English.

Hi there

I am originally from Osaka but I live in Brussels, Belgium right now.
I will go back to my home in Osaka in July and Aug for vocation.
Since I live in Belgium for 8 years, I do not have much friend in Japan although I have some.
If you are interested, would you like to meet and hang out with me?


Hi,thanks for sending me a msg,anyway we just catch up anytime soon if you arrive here.godbless

Hi! Looking for a short term friend, long term pen pal. :)  I will be travelling to SE Asia and decided to take a dip through Osaka from Aug 10- Aug 16.

I'm a 29 y.o. M from Chicago, USA.  I've nearly finished medical school.  I'm pretty comfortable in the kitchen, even more comfortable in the garden.  Generally, fun loving and occasionally witty.  I'll be spending much of my day studying unfortunately as my licensing exam is coming up. However I'd love meet new people over food, drinks, or a baseball game.  I'd also happily take any food recommendations you might have!  On the list is okonomiaki, tonkatsu, and takoyaki (which I've heard is everywhere?).  Also is there an izakaya ex-pats frequent?  I'm fluent in English, Spanish, and Hindi, though my Japanese is horrible (read: non-existent). :P  Cheers!

me also

hi mam naghahanap po kasi ako ng kakilala dyan osaka japan by nxt month po kasi punta ako dyan for promotion and tour of my company hope na maging friend and mapakilala mo ko sa mga friend naten pinoy dyan osaka para pagdating ko po dyan may kakilala na ko hindi ko po kasi kabisado dyan! salamat and god bless

@ Rommel_15 > Can you please post in english only on this english speaking forum?

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

good afternoon everyone.

can any pinoy-osakans here help?
cant seem to find any place to stay from august 8-11.
wanted to stay at osaka hana hostel near shinsaibashi but theyre not replying.
any advise? cheap hostel types is fine.


Hello, I am in Osaka and will be staying here for awhile. I would love to make new friends and meet anybody that can help improve my Japanese. Thanks.

I am just a housewife living in osaka, It would be great to make friendship with some people nevermind age, country...
just to hangout sometimes.^^

Hi Lydia,
Its already 4 years passed sine you registered expat.
please tell me what friends you have.

i m coming to japan from pakistan on 26 September for ph.d admission.

Hi guys, im in Osaka City for 3months now and i still dont speak and understand Japanese language. I was searching for people to be my friends and google brought me here. :)

Even one year staying in Japan, some people can not speak Japanese.
The best way is to make a Japanese friend and talk, and talk in the coffee shop.
How is Cebu?

I have a Japanese friend but we talk English :)
Its raining a lot in Cebu right now. :)

Better talk in Japanese.
your friend will be young, better find a old people to
talk in Japanese.  They will be slowly talking to you.

Hey guys, I'm moving to Osaka as well from England so if anybody wants to chat feel free :)

hello guys, anybody here lives around Honmachi, Osaka City?



Kumusta k n

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