Hello there !!

I'm Karim, I just moved into West Malaysia staying at my cousin's place at Sepang. I used to be a student of University Malaysia Sarawak and studied there bachelor of software engineering, after completing half of my study I have transferred my credits to University Putra Malaysia. From September my class will be started. And my best friend is also moving into Malaysia on 15th June 2017 at INTI College Subang, Campus. We both are planning to stay together. I really need an urgent expat suggestion about selecting a good place to stay somewhere in between these two places INTI College Subang and UPM. Where I can have:
+ a good neighborhood,
+ nice and secured environment with
+ facilities like Restaurants, Cafe, 24 Hours Shop like 7Eleven or any others, and Super Mart at very close distance
+ Shopping Mall within the area or close to that area.
+ and from where Kuala Lumpur will also be in short distance, within 10km to 18km.
+ LRT/monorail or train service has to be there to our University as well as BUS service cause we have plan to buy our own vehicle, but that would take a bit time for us.   

Well to help to out a bit here is the exact location name of our institutes:
UPM is at Serdang and
INTI College is at Jalan SS, Subang Jaya.

Well I have found a place in between these two places but that place has
- no 24 hours shop,
- no nearby cafe or restaurant or any mini mart or any super mart.
I have checked on google but that also could be my mistake as I'm really unfamiliar with the area. I don't know name of the place exactly but I can tell the location of that place, which is next to the Lebuhraya Shah Alam Express Highway, Bukit Jalil, close to Awan Besar Station, lots of condos together like Z Residence, Kiara Residence 1 and 2.

And if this place got any nearby super mart, cafe and restaurant and 24hours shop and a shopping mall near to the area with BUS service please please let me know then I will gonna choose this place,  or if you have any better suggestions for me please do help me. I will be grateful to you, like it would be life saving help for me. I really need your help to find an ideal place to stay that I'm looking for.


Hi Karim,

Maybe you can consider Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras.
It is located 7KM from KLCC,
17KM to UPM
25KM to INTI Subang.

Nearest public transport is LRT Salak Selatan which is 5 mins walk.
There's also a KTM station 10 mins walk.

Convenience stores/banks/eateries are merely 1 min walk away.

-Adilah xxx

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Good Afternoon Adilah !!

Thanks a lot for your reply, That's so kind of yours. I have few more things to know about the location you have suggested me so I think it will be better if I contact with you through WhatsApp.


Hi, u can check in google map which is really near by.... so u wont hassle from ur side

Hi Dzedz,
Thanks for your reply, it's​ a very nice suggestion from your side !! Really appreciate it 👍

Have a good day and stay blessed.

Hi Karim,

You can try SS15 and SS16 Subang Jaya which is very near to Inti College but a little bit far to UPM Serdang. But not to worry, there's LRT Station nearby.

SS15 Subang Jaya is where most foreign students live because of it's strategic locations... near lrt, shopping mall, 24hrs convenient store, entertainment, restaurants... etc.

The rental here is around RM1500/month for 2 bedrooms apartment. There are so many rooms to rent for students with starting price RM400... you can Google it.

I hope this info will help and best of luck.

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