Good Day To Everyone, I'm From Malaysia, I'm A Muslim And I'm 31 Years Old. I Don't Know Where To Start, But I Will Try My Best To Explain My Situation. I Really Need Your Guys Opinion, Advice And Best Alternative Option/Solution For Me In Order To Make My Final Decision.

I Meet With A Laos Girl In Facebook, She Is 20 Years Old (Born In 1997), She's From Pak Tha,  Ban Houayxay (North West Of Laos Bordering Thailand And Myanmar) Previously She Lived With Her Parents And 2 Younger Brother. But Right Now She Stay In Vientiane With Her Grandfather & Grandmother, Almost 8 Months By Now Since She Left Her Village. After She Finished Her School (In Pak Tha) She Continued Her Short Study In Vientiane For 6 Months Course And Already Completed It. Now She Currently Working In Restaurant And Sometimes She Helps Her Grandmother To Preparing And Selling Local Cakes.

We Know Each Other Almost 1 Year By Now , Everything Goes Very Well Between Us, This So Called "Long Distance Relationship" Needs Dedication And Loyalty Which Both Of Us Acknowledged. Almost Everyday, I Always Contact Her Using WhatsApp And Facebook Messenger (Call & Video) Every Morning And Before Sleep, I Never Failed To Texting And Send Her WhatsApp Or Facebook Messages, We Keep Ourselves Updated To Each Others. We Already Fall In Love With Each Other And We Eventually Planning To Get Married. She Willing To Convert Her Religion From Buddhist To Muslim And Live Together With Me In Malaysia (If Everything Goes Well According To Our Plan) Her Parents/Family And My Mother Are Acknowledged With Our Relationship Goal And They Are Willing To Give Their Bless And Support To Us.

I Did Visit Her Once At Vientiane In August Last Year (2016) It Was The First Time We Meet Each Other And We Fall Again For The 2nd Time, Although I Just Met Her For 3 Days, Everything Was Perfect, After That Our Relationship Become More Stronger And I Determined To Marry Her Someday. I Did Meet Her Grandfather & Grandmother, Although They Not Good In English At All But Luckily There A Male Cousin From Her Family Who Able To Speak In English Very Well And Can Translate For Me (And For Them) They Accept Me Positively, I Never Meet Her Parents But I Planing To Meet Them Soon (1 Hour Flight From Vientiane To Ban Houayxay, Flight Only Have Sunday, Wednesday And Friday Via Laos Air If I Not Mistaken) I Know Sooner Or Later I Must Meet Them In Order To Get Their Bless Face To Face (Although They Already Acknowledged Me From Phone Call And From What My Girlfriend Told Me).

I Will Be Visiting Her Again On May This Year (This Time I Bring My Mother With Me To Meet Her) It's Just A Short 3 Day Visit. If Can, I Want To Married Her Now, But I Must Take It Slow And Steady, I Know It's Not Gonna Be That Easy For Me And For Her.

My Question Now, What Is The Easiest Or Simple Procedure That I Need To Do In Order To Marry Her? I Plan To Take And Bring Her With Me And Marry Her In Malaysia (Yes, Not Getting Married In Laos But In Malaysia), And Then Live With Me In My House With My Mother (I Only Live With My Mother, My Parents Already Divorced And My Father Already Passed Away, I Do Half Siblings But They Are My Half Sister's From My Mother Previous Marriage).

Me Myself, I Have A Very Good Permanent Job And I Confidence That I Have No Problem At All To Support Her Life Once She Become My Wife. I'm Well Prepared And Ready With The Future Obstacles (Hopefully Everything Will Be Okay).

Please Help Me To Explain What I Need To Do (In Legal And Correct Way) To Marry Her IN MALAYSIA. I Really Love Her But I Assume This Process Wouldn't Be That Easy After I Do Some Research From Google, I Heard That It's More Difficult For A Foreigners To Married A Laos Citizens Especially Laos Women In Laos.

xxxx Tell Me What Is The Steps And Procedures Or Any Valuable Informations, I Really Need To Know.

Please Help Me, I Really Appreciate Anyone Help, Anything That Can Help Me.

Thank You Very Much.

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There is no illegal way to get married and you are silly to suggest this as it may get you into trouble.
There should be no problem with getting married in Malaysia.
Contact the Lao Embassy in Malaysia for the information.

There is no difficulty in getting married, even in Laos as I did, but the process can take a little time.

Thank You For Your Reply, Sorry Because I Should Not Write That Earlier (About Illegal Way Of Marriage) I Understand Now, Thank You.

Who Sense 1986 :

Thank You For Your Reply, Sorry Because I Should Not Write That Earlier (About Illegal Way Of Marriage) I Understand Now, Thank You.

Sorry for the off topic, but I have to ask....WHY are you capitalizing every word??? It's very strange, and incorrect.  :)

It's Alright (He!He!) For Me It's Just For Fun, Nothing Seriously About It, Sometimes My Friends Easy To Recognize Me From The Way I'm Typing / Writing, Maybe This Is My Trademark (I Also Don't Know) But I Don't Do This When The Time I'm Working, My Boss Gonna Kill Me (He!He!) :)

There was an article in the Vientiane Times last week that the Govt is trying to expedite the process as it can currently take a while. Get in touch with the Lao Embassy in your country for advice.

Thanks For Your Reply, Oh! By The Way, You From Vientiane, Laos? Do You Anything About Laos Single Certificate? Where I / My Girlfriend Can Get It In Vientiane? Is There Any English Version Translation Of It? How Much Is The Cost? Any Information? :)

This is a certificate to prove you are not married. Your  girlfriend can get it from the Naiban. You will have to get it from an Embassy of your own country.

Oh! Just One More Last Question, You Mean I Need To Have 2 Single Certificate? Am I Right?

1) Single Certificate From Naiban (My Girlfriend)

2) Single Certificate With English Translation From Malaysia Embassy In Laos (Me)

So That Mean I Must Have 2 Single Certificate?

Please Correct Me If I'm Wrong My Friend :)

That is correct.

You mention she'll convert after you are married. A marriage in Lao is about culture, tradition and beliefs. A baci ceremony is performed and certain traditions are followed. You are both hypocrites if you  do this. "Switching" religions "in the name of love" is antithetical.

You state she will move to Malaysia to live with you. Unless you ever plan on living in Lao skip that process, have her move to Malaysia, study and understand the culture and religion, then convert and have a traditional Muslim ceremony (sorry, I am not aware of that process).

Having lived in Lao for 5 years and marrying a Lao Christian I have seen the issues arising from mixed marriages.

If you still want to continue to get married in Lao, it is a bureaucratic nightmare that will take from 6-12 months, if not more and cost you a lot of money as each government department wants money, in addition to the "engagement" ceremony and the final "wedding" baci.

Good luck!

My wife laotian. From muang khua, phongsali.
email me for free help ***

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have you married yet with Laos Girl?

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