Bringing surplus auto parts to Philippines specifically manila

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It's a very interesting thread. I am wondering with the situation now, year 2017 and a new administration, can someone give some info on bringing surplus auto parts to Philippines specifically manila. I mean, the way on how it is suppose to be really done.

I have an old school benz in Manila and it is always expensive to buy parts from the dealers there. So I figured out why not just send the parts of the car in manila which may be cheaper.  So what are the possible tax, duties rates etc?

any info will be greatly appreciated.

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use a balikbyan box, might take a long time to get here but  nobody messes with it.   I am just doing a more hurried thing myself with an american waterpump and related parts and surely i will not only pay 4500php for mailing it here but i look for them to get me a good tax too. Do send it in a Filipinos name and not the Foreigner, u will find tax cheaper.  I did mine mostly for the hell of it because i was not paying 10,000php for a waterpump i can buy for 900php in the States, i dont like to get robbed.  I loaded up with maintenance parts too from plugwires to u name it so  i made the best of my box.  Surprisingly the US Postal Priority mail was here in 3 days which blew me away, but i been waiting for it over a week now to make it the 2 hr trip from Manila via  Filipino mail. Just hope it makes it and no postal worker here owns a Chevy!

I'm also looking to import a car part.  Does anyone know the taxes and duty charges etc?

If it's small enough to fit in your suitcase no problem as long as nothing flammable,  no duty. Brought window switches b4.

Never tried more, but I was told used parts 15%. They cut cars in pieces and reassemble to avoid the big duty.

If anyone interested to import second hand cars, i.e. BMW or MB, pm me.

From what I understand,  but not an expert, the duty is about 100%. I don't know what they base that on. We rented a car 5 yrs,ago that was later disclosed part of 3 different cars screwed and welded together. It was a Mitsubishi Montero registered as a 2010, but there was no actual parts from that year. After we got in an accident you could see where the body was welded half way. We were later told they shipped front, rear, and drivetrain separated to avoid the duty. It was completed in 2010 and registered as that year.

hi, i would be interested in bringing in a car

Don't waste your time, the duty is 100% of the value of the car plus shipping. You can get a lot of low mileage cars there, no one drives anywhere because gas is too expensive, or traffic is too slow. I bought 2000 Toyota one owner with 75000 miles, $2800, nice car. Cars are more expensive there than in US, but with the exchange rate, and the mileage, it's worth it to get something there, plus you know you can get parts, the models are different there,\.

In Philippines everything is expensive. Not only Cars or spare parts.
Philippines are just island in the middle of ocean and everything you bring here will cost a lot+ Huge Taxes.
For Example:
Electricity in Philippines about 5 times more expensive then in my Country.
Internet in Philippines is about 200 times more expensive then in my Country
Construction materials about 3-5 times more expensive.

and etc

No duty pr tax if shipping and parts are under 200 USD if above you need to contact customs broker and have them process the transaction for you

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