Job opportunities for partners of teachers

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I'm considering moving to Almaty, Kazakhstan to take up a teaching position in September. My girlfriend is open to moving with me, she's a Mexican national. We've been told that it won't be a problem for her to get a visa and move with me. However, I'm wondering what the employment prospects are for her in Kazakhstan? Will it be even legal for her to work there? And if so, what type of jobs could she do?

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I guess she will need a tourist visa. So you are basically asking if she can work with such a visa?

I doubt that is possible in any country but still let's wait for someone who is already here to enlighten us.

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Kindly send a private message to the OP with all the details as such information cannot be posted on the forum. 1f609.svg

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I will love to move with my partner here, how long does it take to get the work permit and how much after getting here in Kazakhstan