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Hi all. I'm looking for some information about the Friendly Nations Visa. Do those who apply and set up a business actually run a business? Or is it just a loop hole to jump through (and pay for) but without any actual dealings with the business? I don't understand why you'd need to start a 'business' and then have the option to apply for permission to work..

Apologies for my ignorance. I've been looking at applying for the Dominican but they're in the process of changing their visas. Basically I'm looking to get permanent residency abroad as a general back up should anything happen and as somewhere to retire in my later years.

Also in what region can I expect to pay for a lawyer to assist with the visa application?

Thanks in advance

Mike  A good lawyer. His fee schedule is on the website.
I know people who have the Friendly Nations visa and who have set up their own business. Or, you also have the option to apply for permission to work so you can get a job. They are becoming strict about enforcing the laws that a business can only have 10% of it's employees be foreigners, so that route might be a bit harder.

Thanks for your reply. So it's a choice of opening a business or getting a work visa? There's so much information out there it's hard to work out what's what. The same with dual nationality? Is it legal or is it not?! 😂😂

Yes, that is my understanding, though I have no experience with this myself so check with a lawyer to be sure.

I also have no experience with citizenship here, but I know there are people with dual citizenship. I have heard it's fine to be a citizen of the US and Panama, but I have read US law that says if you willingly take citizenship in another country, you are renouncing your US citizenship. Rumor is that this really isn't an issue and people do it all the time without problems, but I have family in the US and wouldn't think of risking it. And, with the politics in the US at the moment, who knows what might happen? I'm legal here and have everything I need so I don't see what I would gain with a Panamanian citizenship, and I've heard that even if you renounce your US citizenship the IRS will be after you for something like 10 years.

I know...  clear as mud :D  Maybe best to spend a couple months here, and if you think it is going to work for you start the process of applying for residency. I think you have to be a resident for 5 years before you can even start the process of applying for citizenship so that's a discussion for later.

Absolutely :-) thanks for your replies :-)

i want to apply for panama.i live in pakistan. … ions-visa/   I don’t be see Pakistan on the list, so I imagine you would have to apply for a visa. I don’t know that process though.


The Friendly Nations program can get you a permanent residency in about 2-3 months time and will cost about $8k USD. You will be required to set up a corporation in the name of your choice. This is to demonstrate an economic tie the country in order to qualify for the permanent residency. You are also required to set up a bank account and make a bank deposit. You can choose to work if you want as a permanent resident and you won't need a sponsor but will still have to apply for a work permit.

You can contact me anytime about more questions on this. I am happy to help.

Sorry, Pakistan is not a friendly nation member country. You will need to invest $300k USD in Panama to qualify for residency.

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